How Much Alimony Can I Get In A Divorce?

Divorce is no easy feat. There are lots of intricacies in a divorce that some couples don’t consider when dealing with the act of divorce. One of these intricacies is alimony.

If you talk to any person on the street who has been through a divorce, they will almost always tell you to get a good lawyer. The reason for this isn’t because the person was running away from a money-sucking partner, but a good lawyer helps keep the divorce proceedings in order and helps ensure that the division process is fair and amicable. It is a dream to have an uncontested divorce. This means that each partner enters a divorce without any fight and is willing to concede to decisions from either party. Unfortunately, not all divorces start or end this way. And when you are choosing an attorney, why not choose one that has been through a divorce herself? Someone who not only has the legal education and robust understanding of divorce proceeding but also understands the raw emotional turmoil that comes with divorce too? Why not choose someone who can navigate your divorce as well as be empathetic to your situation?

If you are divorcing after any amount of married years, you are eligible to file for alimony. Our Salt Lake City Alimony Attorney at Emy A. Cordano, Attorney at Law, understands that a divorce is a life-changing event. When you were with your partner you were accustomed to a certain standard of living and there were certain sacrifices that one had to make in order to ensure that your partner was happy. Do not let those sacrifices be swept under the rug. In Utah alimony can be given for only as long as the total amount of married years. So for example, if you and your spouse were married for 15 years then you can receive alimony for up to 15 years, but no longer. Many states have rid the rule of permanent alimony unless there is some extreme extenuating circumstance. This is also why it is important t have an alimony attorney on your side. We can help you set up a case that ensures that your extenuating circumstance is met with empathy and listened to with compassion. If your life literally depended on your spouse then how can you be expected to quite literally live without them?

In order to figure out the alimony amount, Utah statute states that the amount depends on:

  • financial need of the recipient spouse
  • the earning capacity of the recipient spouse and whether their income is affected by being the primary caretaker of children
  • the ability of the payor spouse to pay
  • the length of the marriage
  • whether the recipient has custody of the children
  • whether the recipient works for the payor
  • whether the recipient helped the payor through school in order for the payor’s income to increase

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