Remarrying And Child Support In Utah

With the above-average percentage of people being married in Utah, chances are some may want to try a second time. People with minor children who are remarrying often have many questions about how their new union will affect their children receiving support from their ex-spouses. There are child support guidelines established by the court that will help determine a solid child support award. With the help of a Salt Lake City divorce attorney, your children will be able to receive all the compensation they are entitled to receive.

What determines child support?

There are several sources taken into consideration when determining child support. Some sources will include:

  • Any wages, salaries, commissions, bonuses, or self-employment income you may have.
  • Investments and pensions.
  • Some things such as rents, interest accrued, royalties, dividends, and capital gains.
  • Alimony from other marriages.
  • Social Security benefits, unemployment or workers’ compensation, and disability income insurance

Remarrying can modify child support

There are many aspects of remarriage that may influence how is child support calculated in Utah:

  • A new child: Some time ago a new child wouldn’t make a difference when calculating child support. Things have changed quite a bit.  Now, your primary responsibility is not only children from previous relationships.  Utah and many other states recognize the need for parents to support all of their children.
  • Your new spouse’s income: If only natural or adoptive parents are the ones to provide child support, why is the new spouse’s income considered? Think about it. Your new spouse’s income will determine your ability to pay child support. For example, expenses such as groceries, utilities, and rent are now your new spouse’s responsibility as well, therefore, you will have less of a financial burden when it comes to supporting children from your previous relationships.

Will stepparents come in the picture?

Your new husband or wife is not responsible for child support. Parents are the only ones financially responsible for their children. The court determines child support based on the income of both parents. If you marry a wealthy person, he or she is not obligated to provide for your children from previous marriages. The court will never force a step-parent to provide for children who are not their own. However, the situation may change dramatically if a step-parent decides to adopt the spouse’s children. In cases like these, stepparents become legal parents and they are required by law to provide for their children.

Consult with an attorney

Child support can be a contentious aspect even after a divorce occurs. A Salt Lake City divorce attorney will work hard to get a favorable result for you. Oftentimes, a simple call will do. You’ll get all your questions answered and avoid legal complications along the road.

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