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There are certain things in life that are really scary, and experiencing domestic violence, stalking, or other abusive behaviors by a spouse or partner are some of those things.

It can be both physically and emotionally draining, leaving you wondering what you can do about it. You may have written it off after the first few incidents, but you now know there is a pattern.

We want you to know that you do have options.

If you are the victim of domestic violence or another form of abusive behavior, you can work through the court system to get out from under it. Emy A. Cordano, Attorney at Law, is here to help you through the entire process. When you need an Avenues restraining order attorney, you can count on her to be there for you.

What Can Happen

Whether you have gone through a divorce or not, you can run into serious problems with your spouse or partner. Sometimes, you have to handle those problems by contacting law enforcement and then pursuing a restraining order.

Domestic violence is hard to experience and even harder to get out of. When someone makes the decision to get away from it, their abuser often follows them.

Nearly 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men have been physically abused in some way by a partner this kind of violence accounts for 15 percent of all violence.

Even if there is no physical abuse, there can be mental and emotional abuse present. This often comes in the form of stalking. In the US, the risk of stalking victimization was highest for individuals who were divorced or separated.

Women are at higher risk than men for stalking victimization, but men were equally likely to experience harassment.

More and more, stalking is taking place online, and this is called cyberstalking. It can be just as traumatizing for the victims.

46 percent of stalking victims felt fear from not knowing what would happen next.

Having to live in fear is not okay.

Getting a restraining order serves a few purposes.

  1. It sends a strong message to the perpetrator that you are taking this seriously and their behavior needs to stop.
  2. It documents the problem with the courts so that if the behavior continues, you have even more proof that it is happening.

Restraining orders will not exempt the person you file against from paying child support or alimony, so do not worry about that.

What You Can Do

You do not have to put up with this behavior anymore. No more physical abuse. No more mental and emotional trauma. It is time to call Emy A. Cordano, Attorney at Law, to help you get out of the situation you are in. She will be there for you when you need a restraining order attorney in the Avenues. Her team understands how hard this is and will do everything in their power to settle this matter for good. You can contact us by clicking here or call us at 801-804-5152 for an initial consultation.

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