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Uncontested Divorce Attorney

Uncontested Divorce Lawyer Sandy

Dreading divorce, many couples fight through marital indifferences to make relationships work, even just for their children. Other couples see that remaining married could cause their toxic issues to bleed into their relationships with kids, so decide to amicably part ways. With no issues in dividing property and preset custody arrangement in place, Emy Cordano can assist couples with dissolving their union.

Dedicated to effective representation in divorce matters, Emy’s Sandy uncontested divorce attorney chosen to handle divorces by numerous clients across Utah. Having been there herself, Emy knows quality representation makes or breaks uncontested dissolutions of marriage. Regardless of why clients choose to end marriages, compassion and unwavering support for clients are what she’s known for.

Getting Uncontested Divorces Granted

Couples must have finances, division of assets, child care arrangements, and alimony and child support agreement, and have zero indifferences within these areas for uncontested divorces to go smoothly. Emy will go through an interview process to assure the client and spouse have discussed everything in detail. Any notes both parties took down will be formalized into a divorce plan. The process isn’t daunting; in fact, filing paperwork with courts is probably the easiest part of the divorce.

A 90-day waiting period, required by Utah law, will ensue once everything gets filed. In certain circumstances, attorneys can waive this ‘cool off’ period, although 90 days gives both parties time to make sure divorce is actually what’s best for everyone involved. Once completed, divorce records become privatized, except for decrees and specific orders.

Uncontested divorces may stem from irreconcilable differences, yet courts look favorably upon two people who work together in separating assets and coming to child custody agreements. Makes their job simpler, keeps children out of court, and provides couples something less public as opposed to having dissolutions of marriage become courtroom wars.

As your Sandy uncontested divorce attorney, Emy assures that all agreements are flawless before filing. Mediation services can accompany uncontested divorces, too, which may help turn potential disagreements into favorable outcomes for both spouses.

Get Divorce Completed With Emy

With mandatory child education classes if minors are involved with divorce, potential name restoration issues, and many components of divorce many people aren’t aware of, leaning on Emy’s expertise will clear any confusion while getting paperwork completed quickly. Trust an attorney with personal experience dealing with the many hurdles and heartaches divorce petitions bring about, because no matter how straight-faced couples may appear, deep down everyone hurts during this process.

Emy takes contested and uncontested divorce cases around Utah, helping make cases brought by aggrieving spouses seem much simpler than originally thought. Don’t take uncontested divorces to court alone, either, as one clerical error or missing piece of information may slow the entire process, which makes the wounds seem like they’ll never heal.

Contact the Sandy uncontested divorce attorney who’s helped hundreds of clients annually realize their goals in having dissolutions get filed and finalized smoothly. Consultations with Emy cost nothing, and her unparalleled legal services are fairly priced for Utahans like you.

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