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If you are seeking sole custody of your child, it is important to know that there are two kinds of sole custody. The first is called sole physical custody and the second is sole legal custody. Contact Sole Custody Attorney Sandy at 801-804-5152 for exploring your legal option for your child future.
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Prioritizing where children live pre-divorce presents challenges that parents never experienced before. Married couples tend to feed off each other’s schedules, so working around child’s needs isn’t hard. But when the home becomes broken, relationships break down, making parenting harder on divorcees. Of the two main types of custody in Utah, sole custody almost always takes proof beyond doubt to win.

Hiring Sandy sole custody attorney assistance to handle family law matters could make life easier. Emy A. Cordano is one such attorney with tremendous experience dealing with custody issues across Salt Lake County.With distinguishable differences between different sole custody types, many questions arise from parents looking to secure primary custody, which Emy can answer.

Two Types of Sole Custody

Courts tend to use ‘sole’ custody very judiciously in family law matters. It’s always the best interest of children to have both parents fully involved with school, homework, everyday growth, and making good choices. However, not always will both parents have the financial or emotional capacity to handle these tasks. Here’s a brief breakdown of two primary sole custody types Emy will help clients secure:

Sole physical custody gives one parent full-time in-home responsibilities of children. This automatically gives noncustodial parent visitation rights provided no serious offenses caused custodial parent to get sole physical responsibilities. Any overnight stays with noncustodial parent are determined by primary parent, although many times any visitation granted by court with child is normally supervised.

Sole legal custody affords one parent 100% legal rights to make decisions affecting child’s schooling, well-being and future. This means noncustodial parent has 0% say in education, healthcare, residency or other major life-altering events. Courts must be compelled by evidence to strip any legal custody from parent, although long distance from custodial parent, violence and excessive drug use would probably do it.

If you believe one parent isn’t fit whatsoever, your Sandy sole custody attorney may shoot for sole physical and legal custody, effectively ending the relationship between children and toxic parent. Evidence supporting the other parent’s poor choices can be brought to Emy during initial consultation, and whatever missing pieces need discovered can be found by her via court records.

Emy Helps Clients Get Sole Custody

Any form of sole custody isn’t promised. Courts weigh numerous factors in determining which parent seems more stable financially, how much time kids spend with one parent as opposed to other, what reasoning parents have for seeking sole custody, and what criminal records show about either parent. Decisions aren’t easy. Sometimes judges need more information and home visits by outside agencies.

Emy makes the process much easier by helping parents looking for sole custody to have all facts gathered and presentable. Knowing the process to getting sole custody is as important as when the judge approves it, all filings must correctly reflect facts to avoid delays or denials.

You need an experienced Sandy sole custody attorney who knows family law. Emy is the right person for your family, and is currently accepting new cases by appointment.