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Protective Order Attorney

Protective Order Lawyer Sandy

Domestic partners, including wives and girlfriends, are protected under Utah law from those unsavory individuals who feel hitting, kicking, punching, pushing, or otherwise threatening men and women is ‘hip’. Make no mistake, my friends: there’s nothing worse than having someone commit their lives to you, only to have them batter you in some fashion. Emy Cordano doesn’t appreciate abusers and will help those victims file protective orders as their Sandy protective order attorney.

44 domestic violence fatalities in 2017 were reported by Utah Domestic Violence Coalition, an organization dedicated to helping battered children, women and men find resources and shelter when there’s nowhere to go. That’s 44 people who wanted nothing more than to give love and support to parents and partners who battered them to death as their show of gratitude.

Emy: A Voice for Battered People

Another startling statistic: 80 children witness an attempt on their mother’s life every year in Utah. Most people are either children’s fathers, another family member, or complete strangers. Living in fear, many women find themselves sinking into a world of depression and subservience out of fear they’ll leave their children motherless. Emy, with vast external resources and knowledge of court procedures, is an advocate for anyone embroiled in domestic violence.

Courts, too, aren’t tolerable of physical torture. With Sandy protective order attorney help, victims will receive orders that restrain perpetrators from them forever and impose stiff mandates which must be followed: loss of firearms, inability to see children shared with the victim, potential alimony and child support payments and deeper possible criminal charges should attacker break the order.

Protective orders do their job. However, victims must set aside fear or the false premonition that attackers who beat them will ‘one day get better’ or thinking ‘it will only happen once’. People imbued with anger for whatever reason simply don’t quit battering those who they know they can exercise control over. Emy can also direct victims to shelters with whereabouts unbeknownst to the public, and help those fearing the safety of minor children to get them protected, too.

Laws protect victims like you. There’s nowhere for attackers to run and hide, because once the protective order is filed, police will serve them, and they will either abide by its conditions or find themselves surrounded by bars and concrete. It’s that simple.

Don’t Wait for Another Attack

Emy Cordano awaits domestic violence victims with open arms and vast options. Filing paperwork to assure you’re immediately protected is also possible, too, but you must trust the Sandy protective order attorney other victims like yourself have entrusted their domestic matters too.

Phone your local police. Open your window and scream until someone hears you. As the victim, you must take to protect yourself and children and aren’t required to tolerate another’s malice. Emy’s office is a short distance from everywhere around Salt Lake City, so phone her today.

Consultations in matters related to protective orders cost nothing, and your safety is her office’s top priority in domestic issues.

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