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Paternity Lawyer Sandy

Fatherhood is an important component to both your child’s life, and to the fabric of society. Hard to imagine living in America with millions of adults having nobody to identify with; it would be chaotic, at best. Establishing fatherhood takes trial and error, effort and time. In Utah, establishing paternity merely takes an affidavit or genetic testing, which an experienced Sandy paternity attorney can assist with.

Emy A. Cordano understands the many challenges, and blessings, fathers face in Utah. Unmarried mothers shouldn’t raise children alone, either, which is another important reason men should welcome paternity establishment: financial support. Courts will not entertain child support without paternity, which requires either a willing DNA test or signed paper admitting paternity.

Paternity = Identity

Once paternity is established, courts move forward with child support and, in separate hearings, visitation. Children are so blessed when fathers choose to be involved with their lives, but taking these important steps also assures the maternal party that you’re committed to doing right by your child. Emy provides unparalleled legal advocacy and assistance in establishing orders when hired as your Sandy paternity attorney.

Paternity process doesn’t take long. If done by verified affidavit, it’ll be filed immediately. If done by genetic testing, it gets sent to an accredited laboratory with results usually in 3-7 days. Courts rarely allow paternity results to be disputed unless there’s evidence of tampering or the putative father isn’t clear enough. Results are added to case file, and hearing commences to establish child support and medical benefits if paternal party has health insurance through work.

There’s no reason why children don’t deserve an identity. Sure, they’ll always have mom to count on, but what happens if there’s an accidental passing and nobody is around to care for child? Fathers are assumed the parent of record and would receive sole custody unless extenuating circumstances prevent such. Children have security, in other words, knowing two parents care enough to be responsible.

Paternity also establishes another go-to party in matters related to family trees and is also the second point of contact during medical crises as many preexisting conditions could come from mother or father. So many great reasons to establish paternity exist, and Emy can help those unsure where to start.

You Need a Sandy Paternity Attorney

One great reason Emy A. Cordano gets many paternity cases is her ability to track down parents. Not because they’re absconding, but sometimes men aren’t aware woman is pregnant. Men will often own the responsibility, although some men are defiant. Courts can force paternity tests if potential father is known, which isn’t what mothers want. Very, very few cases of forced genetic tests are logged in Utah courts, meaning many men simply do what’s right.

If you’re looking to voluntarily establish paternal rights and begin financial and emotional support, Emy’s the go-to Sandy paternity attorney trusted by so many mothers, fathers and even grandparents around the state. She gives paternity cases the undivided attention and support you’ve come to expect from Emy, so contact her today.