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Joint Custody Attorney

Joint Custody Lawyer Sandy

Shared custody arrangements are quite common across Utah. Having both parents equally involved in all phases of child development increases the likelihood children succeed in life. In a joint custody agreement, both parents are known to courts as equal custodial parents, thereby giving each financial and emotional responsibilities identical in value. A Sandy joint custody attorney should be used, however, because joint custody matters have intricacies that could make or break the agreement.

Serving Salt Lake County for many years, Emy Cordano helps parents petition courts for shared custody of their child or children. Cases are handled professionally, mediation is offered if necessary, and the process goes much smoother with her representation as opposed to without.

Is Getting Joint Custody Hard?

Both parents must be equally positioned to financially and physically care for children they intend to have 50% of the time. Many times, this means parents could be required to live near each other to make exchanging custody much simpler. As both parents will be making life-changing decisions on behalf of the child, there can be no denying that one parent is more fit than the other.

Many joint custody agreements involve parents alternating weeks, or splitting weeks evenly. For example, a father may have child Sunday through Wednesday afternoon, then mother would have child Wednesday afternoon until Sunday. Holidays would be alternated, as would time spent on birthdays. If joint custody is agreed to, but there is considerable distance between parents, children would split months instead of weeks.

Your Sandy joint custody attorney can better explain the many options that accompany shared custody. Courts will weigh all options and, much like other child-related matters, consider the best course of action based on the child’s needs. Emy has extensive experience dealing with family court and knows what local judges look for when awarding split custody.

Take note that ‘joint custody’ assumes both physical and legal responsibilities will be equally shared. It’s entirely possible to have joint legal or physical, but not both. After weighing the facts Emy presents to court and considering what the other party presents, judges will make their ruling based on those facts. It’s also entirely possible joint custody isn’t an equal 50-50 split.

Joint Custody Issues? Call Emy.

Sharing custody with two parents is special. Children flourish in homes where both parents get along, even though they live apart. Once both parents agree that they want equal involvement, Emy Cordano can help navigate the legal process involved. Provided nothing is contested, joint custody can be awarded rather quickly; contested petitions may take longer, but may also qualify for mediation that the relationship between the parents is contentious.

Petitioners want a competent Sandy joint custody attorney to handle matters related to shared responsibilities in parenting. The sooner you begin the process of petitioning the court for joint custody, the quicker your children can live a more balanced life because both parents will be equally involved.

Contact Emy with all your joint custody issues, and a consultation will be scheduled as soon as possible.

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