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Family Law Attorney

Family Law Lawyer Sandy

Encompassing everything that involves children, relationships, and monetary support for both is family law, an area where many attorneys exuding excellence in jurisprudential practices protect clients and their families. Regardless of where life takes us, situations arise where people need legal support to get through tough decisions or file important paperwork that many laypeople aren’t knowledgeable of doing themselves.

Practicing family law for many years, Emy Cordano isn’t your typical Sandy family law attorney. Every case she’s retained to litigate is personal to her. She’s committed, unbiased, hard-working, and abreast of all current family law statutes across Utah. Those who’ve retained her before have returned because her approach to serious family disputes is just that good.

Why Family Lawyers are Important

Centuries ago, families would settle their disputes without many legalities behind their methods. Since stealing your uncle’s cow in exchange for money owed, or simply kidnapping children and making them your own isn’t legal (much less ethical), family lawyers like Emy are often hired to help with mediation or filing cases in Utah courts. This method of handling financial, custody, and marital disputes works much better than taking ten paces then shooting at each other.

Take for example child support matters. When another party doesn’t understand how to start getting child support payments for children created out of wedlock, there’s extreme confusion and frustration. While there’s nothing wrong with approaching the putative father and asking for money, often this is met with hostility or violence. Therefore, a Sandy family law attorney could prevent unneeded strife by simply petitioning the court to force putative father into court.

What about that 15-year relationship you’ve been contemplating getting recognized as common law marriage? Emy is experienced in marital matters where two people simply want their burgeoning relationship recognized as legally married since they’re playing the part already.

Have custody issues needing to be addressed? Family law encompasses children’s needs, too. Sometimes there’s no ‘end all, be all’ to custody agreements, which means they’ll need to be modified or established properly. Custody matters are another area where Emy excels, filing whatever paperwork is necessary to complete these custodial matters properly.

Family law attorneys are important simply because people have family-related legal needs they cannot address alone. Not because courts make self-representation impossible, but because fighting other attorneys can be intimidating to some.

Emy, Your Complete Family Law Guru

No family issue is ‘easy’. Dealing with domestic violence, alimony, sole or joint custody, even divorce is never fun, nor do many people have a working knowledge of court procedures. That’s why families demanding excellence in legal representation choose Emy, Utah’s family law attorney masterful in family court and in mediation. No case gets treated like others before, and each client is treated respectfully.

Sandy residents know the Sandy family law attorney who gets results in matters that seem too complex on the surface is Emy Cordano. Schedule your initial case review with her by phoning or emailing her. Your family is banking on getting matters solved properly, so bank on Emy.

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