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Divorce Attorney

Divorce Lawyer Sandy

Of all areas of family law, divorces are the most contentious and emotional. Whether it’s one party wanting custody of both children or another that simply not wanting to leave anything behind with the other spouse, only skilled Sandy divorce attorney assistance will allow smooth navigation of the often complex process involved with dissolving marriages. Everyone will lose something, regardless of who wins.

With firsthand knowledge of the divorce process having gone through it herself, Emy Cordano understands the emotions flowing through both parties, and realizes the expectations of hired divorce attorneys are rather high. Whether it’s offering mediation services or fighting long battles in court, Emy is prepared to do what it takes to make the divorce process less stressful for her clients.

What Happens During Divorces

When two loving people decide their relationship has run its course, separation on good terms is the best-case scenario. With children often involved, parents find it’s easier to get along for their benefit as opposed to bringing their kids down by emanating hate towards each other. After the dust settles, one or both parents will hire an experienced Sandy divorce attorney to handle their financial and child custody matters.

Emy Cordano can offer contested and uncontested divorce assistance. While the pathway to an uncontested divorce is much quicker, contested divorces are prudential when another party may fight tooth and nail on alimony, child support, asset, or child custody issues. Mediation services are available which can act as a gateway to an uncontested divorce, both parties must be willing to settle differences.

Once a divorce type is chosen, figuring out how you would like assets divided is an excellent place to start. If couples own two houses with a mortgage attached to each, you may entertain splitting that responsibility in half; same with cars, boats, and other major assets. Financial accounts should also be split down the middle unless one spouse has a greater need than the other.

After that process is completed, figuring out the best interest of children would be the next step. This is another procedure that can be handled in mediation, provided the other spouse is willing to listen. Your retained Sandy divorce attorney can help break the ice if necessary.

Contact An Expert Sandy Divorce Attorney

Uncontested and contested divorces have some similarities, although one takes much longer than the other to finalize. The path you choose will depend on the level of cooperation your spouse can offer. If they flat out don’t want to get divorced, you’ll, unfortunately, have to endure the contested divorce process.

Emy has helped countless couples amicably resolve their divorces. From beginning to end, clients couldn’t ask for better legal representation than what she provides. Once she has helped finalize your dissolution of marriage, the process of moving on with your life with children can begin.

When your marriage has come to the point it’s time to go separate ways, and your needing a skilled Sandy divorce attorney to help make the process smoother, contact Emy today.

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