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Contested Divorce Attorney

Contested Divorce Lawyer Sandy

Sadly, not all divorces end uncontested. Bitter differences and children being possibly split apart can cause upheaval that only professionals, like judges, should handle. When there’s some level of disparity between what you’re asking for, and what spouses are offering, and extensive court process ensues. For all challenged dissolutions, there’s no better Sandy contested divorce attorney than Emy Cordano.

Representation makes an incredible difference in how these matters turn out. Ask Emy, who personally went through her own divorce without the quality representation she deserved. From her experience blossomed an incredible law firm dedicated to helping give women and men excellence in all divorce matters. Unbiased and thorough, Emy works for clients in finalizing divorces for people at odds with spouses over property and custody.

How Contested Divorces are Settled

Courts are fair and equitable in the sense they’ll base division of property off where children are living, and give assets to those who prove greater need. For example, couples with one vehicle may be forced into selling the vehicle and splitting profits; vehicles under lease or those with loans can go to whichever party will have children, a higher paying job – a greater need, in other words. The same goes for money.

Emy levels the field. Bear in mind judges only go off what they’re given by attorneys and other outside sources, so sometimes facts or figures may have ambiguity. She’s not only tough when negotiating, she’s fair, which is why she’s a well-respected mediator able to help spouses work through marital differences in a no-pressure environment. Many wonderful agreements have come from her mediation, in fact.

Because she’s the Sandy contested divorce attorney chosen frequently across Salt Lake County, plenty of experience helping clients with asset distribution, child custody problems, even establishing alimony and child support. Even if the respondent doesn’t want to be divorced, Emy can help contest their choice and possibly get a court to forcibly divorce the unwilling party.

For example, the parent who must leave the family home may be the best fit for children. People may contest this decision, but then again, judges aren’t known for taking feelings into consideration where the best interests of a child are concerned. Emy steps in and helps judges see facts they may not.

Let’s Work Through Divorce Together

Contested divorces aren’t fun. They’re bitter, dramatic, emotional, and sometimes too much for some to handle. Property, children, money, other assets, and more money. Divorces aren’t instant, and they’re not designed to happen hourly. However, with mediation and Emy standing by your side through each court hearing, these contested dissolutions of marriage can go much smoother than heading to trial without legal counsel.

Emy’s goal is to prevent men and women from languishing in divorce any longer than legally necessary to settle indifferences. Both parties need closure, and the sooner you’ve retained skilled Sandy contested divorce attorney assistance, the sooner this gets put behind divorcees. Experienced legal assistance is invaluable to spouses wanting a fair division of assets and parenting time.

Consultations regarding contested divorces can be scheduled by calling Emy.

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