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Common Law Marriage Attorney

Common Law Marriage Lawyer Sandy

Couples “holding themselves out to be married” may often go through motions as husband-wife, but not actually engage in matrimonial celebrations customary to many countries like America. This doesn’t discount the fact they’re wanting marital rights, which an expert Sandy common law marriage attorney can help them achieve. Finding your relationship needs that ‘marital flair’ but stuck? Emy can help.

Common-law marriage, not defined by courts as such, may also be necessary to those wanting to end their relationship, but the tenure was long enough to merit marital support like alimony. Utah’s statutes are complex where civil unions are concerned, but thankfully someone like Emy is available for those needing their relationship formalized for purposes of further bonding or separating, unions.

Common Law Marriages Aren’t Automatic

Cohabitation isn’t uncommon. Couples form when relationships turn into something more serious, and both parties wish to share living areas and financial responsibilities. There’s no predetermined amount of time couples must remain cohabited before Utah courts can be petitioned; however, laws do require two people have ‘general public perception of marriage’ adopted. This means:

  • Union, at some point, must have been consummated.
  • Both parties must present themselves to family, friends, work, and other public figures as married.
  • Financial responsibilities must be shared, such as rentals or vehicles, along with financial accounts.
  • Both parties must reside full-time with each other.
  • Individuals must be of legal consenting age under Utah law.

In order to legally solemnize cohabitations as ‘marriages of fact’, these components must be sworn to under oath. A Sandy common law marriage attorney like Emy can help with formalities required by couples to have their relationship recognized as legally binding by courts.

In situations where formalizing the union is performed to divorce each other, there are additional steps to follow. These steps are important in establishing alimony orders, although child support isn’t affected by marriage because it’s paternity-based.

Emy Cordano has tremendous courtroom experience helping those in relationships to get recognized by courts as married. Unions designed to help those parties get divorced and alimony established are handled by her, too. Common law marriages aren’t dead, although having such unions blessed by courts takes several rather easy steps. The process is complex, and those filing alone have been rejected due to unknown technicalities.

Cohabiters Can Call Emy

Marriage is one area of family law Emy Cordano excels in. Even relationships that need court recognition as marriages are still important to folks who cohabit because children feel complete when parents are ‘one’. Families deserve to be recognized as complete under Utah law, which is why Emy gets many cases where cohabiters want their unions formally noticed.

Regardless of why you’re wanting common law marriage in Utah, Emy Cordano has legal solutions for you. Consulting with her costs nothing, but peace of mind that your relationship is just as good as married folks is priceless.

Emy’s the Sandy common law marriage attorney who gets results. Contact her today to begin the process of legally binding your relationship.

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