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Child Custody Attorney

Child Custody Lawyer Sandy

Parents have rights and obligations to children they bring into our growing world. Attending school functions, teaching children responsibility, nourishing and clothing children are important, taking both parents’ input and finances. Sometimes, two people cannot make their own relationships work but have the best interests of children in mind. Those wanting excellent representation in custody matters should consider Emy Cordano.

A Sandy child custody attorney with family law experience, Emy knows every possible custody scenario and works to find best-case scenarios for men and women wanting their fair share of parenting time and overnight stays. Although many believe males are plagued by an unfavorable family court system, Emy can tell you that both parents have equal rights and an equal shot in court.

Which Type of Custody are You Seeking?

Within Utah’s legal definition of ‘custody,’ clients will find two separate subparts. Both refer to specific types of child decision-making and physical address where children are to live. Emy helps break down each of these situations to potential clients.

This custody heading refers to the ability to make health and other life-changing decisions on behalf of children. Unless there’s some preexisting condition preventing one parent from making sound legal decisions, both parents will retain legal custody of children regardless of where they live. Visitation rights won’t automatically empower noncustodial parents to make legal decisions unless their order states otherwise. Under very rare circumstances, one may have no legal custody but have physical.

Parents with physical custody have a child(ren) living with them. There are two possible scenarios your Sandy child custody attorney will fight for: sole physical custody, or joint custody. The former means the respondent will receive visitation rights but maintain legal rights, while joint custody is granted when both parents agree 50/50 would help children psychologically. Emy can help those seeking either physical custody type.

State laws, parents’ housing, and work situations, and of course the best interests of kids will always go into the final determination of where children will land. Emy will build a fact-filled case to back petitioner’s request for either custody arrangement.

Emy Knows Custody Laws

Everything related to custody points to the child’s best interest. Commonly used in courts, laws contend that situations may appear much better than they really are, the reason so much information is sought in custody cases. One parent may oppose overnights while the other pushes for them; one could be inconsistent in making major decisions while the other parent is steadfast.

With Emy as your retained Sandy child custody attorney, making sure petitioners are making sound choices will become her priority. She helps parents put aside whatever strife may exist between them, so children are appropriately placed in able-bodied hands. Custody issues may seem complex, but Emy Cordano knows family law and offers unparalleled client support for those who’re unsure which custody type may work for them.

For an initial consultation regarding your custody case, contact Emy via phone or email, or visit her office to schedule your meeting.

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