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Alimony Attorney

Alimony Lawyer Sandy

Upon the termination of a marriage or civil union, either (or both) spouse may petition the court requesting alimony payments to help with living expenses they may not be able to cover themselves. Whereas child support has a court-approved method of calculation, alimony isn’t clear cut. Should both spouses have an interest in shared businesses, things get even more complex. Can an attorney help?

Accumulating experience as a premier Sandy alimony attorney, Emy Cordano can help navigate the complex process of applying for, and receiving, spousal support payments from another party. Before engaging in a lengthy battle, Emy can offer mediation services that both help expedites the application process, and may help alleviate any undue hardship clients may experience in court.

How Alimony Works in Utah

Clients wonder how much, and for how long, alimony payments may be. In terms of length, alimony is generally granted on a 1:1 ratio, meaning every year in a relationship equals one year of alimony. Generally, courts are apprehensive in awarding alimony for relationships with than five years invested, although final determination is made by the judge. Regardless of one or both party’s petition, judges will look at the person with the least income, and determine how much goes out and comes in every month.

The court will look at the other person’s income using the same calculation. Whichever party has a greater ability to pay, or earn, will be ordered to pay alimony to others who cannot. The process can be quite complex if filing alone; Emy will provide exceptional levels of service as your Sandy alimony attorney, working hard to file your case and calculate income properly.

The court’s goal is equalizing both spouse’s standard of living post-divorce. As with any calculation, nothing is perfect; that’s why having an attorney assist in gathering income records for all parties to make the process much smoother, and avoid opening the case later down the road to amend amounts. Like child support, alimony payments are exclusive of visitation or custody issues that must undergo a court process by itself.

Emy Cordano helps clients transition from marriage life to divorce life and works on all alimony cases regardless of what assets may be involved.

Contact our Sandy Alimony Attorney

Certain conditions may exist where paying a lump-sum amount of alimony would make more sense for the payor. For example, spouses ordered to pay $1000 a month for 144 months would pay a total of $144,000; Emy and ex-spouses counsel may come together and agree to a lump sum of $90,000. This would benefit clients in two ways: it gives them a large upfront payment to work with, and could potentially give them more money should they remarry in 72 months.

Clients are often confused about which direction to go. Alimony is a rough road best navigated by a Sandy alimony attorney like Emy. Whether clients choose lump-sum or consistent monthly payments, her knowledge of alimony laws helps clients get the finances they deserve.

Contact Emy to schedule your no-cost alimony consultation.

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