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Child Support Attorney

Child Support Lawyer Orem

It does not matter what you and your spouse go through, you can probably agree on one thing – you need to care for your children.

When going through a divorce, there are so many things that you have to deal with. We know how hard and emotional the situation can be for everyone involved. Whether a divorce is contested or uncontested, the issue of child support has to be figured out in an equitable manner. Much of that will deal with each parents’ financial situation and final custody arrangements.

When you need a child support attorney, you can count on Emy A. Cordano, Attorney at Law. We believe that every child has the right to be supported by both parents, and we want to help you.

Time To Act

Divorce cases are hard, but one thing that is absolutely necessary is arranging an equitable child support payment plan. Much of that will depend on child custody arrangements. The court will look at where the child resides most of the time and come up with a proper plan.

Will both parents be required to pay the same amount?

Not necessarily. If one parent has sole physical custody, the court will recognize that they are automatically going to be paying more through rent, utilities, and other everyday expenses that involve having a child. The non-custodial parent will likely be required to pay more in order to ensure the overall financial burden is equitable.

Remember, there are many expenses concerning your children you may not think about in the process of the divorce. They include childcare (if necessary), insurance, medical expenses, and school tuition. They will need clothing, school supplies, and food.

The court will also examine the financial situation of both parents. The parent who earns more may end up having to pay more.

Remember, if you are required to pay alimony payments to a spouse, this does not erase the need to make child support payments.


Both parents will likely undergo lifestyle changes after a separation and these may affect the amount of child support that is paid.

If the payee loses their job, they may petition the court to lower the payments. On the other hand, if they get a promotion or a raise, the parent who receives child support may petition the court to raise the amount they receive from their former spouse.

In Utah, the court will hear petitions for modifying the amount of child support if there is an increase or decrease of 30 percent or more in income. There are other conditions for this, which you can read here.

What You Can Do

Dealing with issues of child custody can be difficult for all parties, but we recognize that children are often the hardest hit in divorce cases. We want to help make sure that both parents have an active financial role in supporting their children. Not only is that the law, but it is what is right. When you need a child support attorney in Orem, you can contact us by clicking here or call us at 801-804-5152 for an initial consultation.

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