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Uncontested Divorce Attorney

Uncontested Divorce Lawyer Ogden

The worst part of any long-term marriage is that defining moment when both couples feel the substance that bound them together for so long has fizzled away. However, when both couples can agree on a division of marital assets and child custody arrangements, the process gets much simpler because an uncontested divorce goes much smoother than those with numerous issues.

Emy A. Cordano, a proficient Ogden uncontested divorce attorney dedicated to assisting clients with filing and finalizing divorce petitions, would be honored to help couples in agreeance that divorce is imminent. Nothing is pleasant about ending relationships, but being cordial to each other definitely helps matters such as divorce.

Do All Marriages Qualify as ‘Uncontested’?

When couples agree on how property, finances, and child custody gets divided, and no other issues arise such as outstanding debts, the courts generally grant these filings. However, there cannot be one shroud of doubt, or the judge will send the case to mediation.

Another case where divorces can be uncontested is if your Ogden uncontested divorce attorney files, but the other party contests but fails to appear. This shows courts that another party either doesn’t care to appear, or simply absconded the marriage without caring about the petitioner. These are granted fairly often, too, with little recourse for respondents who don’t show up.

Benefits of Getting Uncontested Divorces

Most people shoot for uncontested divorces because:

  • These filings are quicker and less costly since fewer attorney resources are expounded.
  • Children and petitioners don’t have to endure a lengthy litigation process.
  • Courts won’t need mediation, or review of finances, since everything is agreed upon.
  • People can seek closure quicker.

Emy A. Cordano has helped hundreds file uncontested divorces because they’re less burdensome on everyone involved. Petitions are often finalized within 90 days, whereas contested divorces could take months.

There aren’t many downsides to uncontested divorces since both parties agree to all stipulations prior to entering the court, and amending an uncontested petition down the road simply won’t happen as courts won’t let two agreeing parties suddenly object months after being finalized.

Emy A. Cordano, An Uncontested Divorce Pro

Unlike ‘divorce mills’ found across the internet, my services are much more comprehensive. I’m not wanting to file paperwork out of boredom, spite, or because I feel my bottom line needs to be padded. In fact, if there are some means to preserve your marriage, I’d love to assist as your mediator. Divorces are awful in all respects because while everyone wins when uncontested divorces are finalized, the underlying truth is that children are quietly hurt when parents split.

Should all hope of making amends become lost, I’m the Ogden uncontested divorce attorney called upon to quickly, and professionally, handle your proceedings. People from across Utah have relied on my services, and have even come to me with other family law matters that I handle.

To get started on your journey toward an uncontested divorce, call my office today, and the best-uncontested divorce attorney Ogden clients know and trust, Emy A. Cordano, will assist immediately.

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