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Mediation Attorney

Mediation Lawyer Ogden

Apart from emotional distress, angered children, and the desire to simply start life over, divorce carries an unfathomably high price tag. While it’s best for couples to reconcile differences through counseling, sometimes even therapy cannot stop the inevitable. I’m Emy A. Cordano, an Ogden mediation attorney skilled in all phases of divorce, ready to advocate for divorcees seeking top-notch legal representation.

Mediation, although courts require this step during contested divorces, helps couples unsure how marital assets will be divided meet on common ground for the betterment of the divorce process itself. Because it’s sometimes stressful to meet with those we’re divorcing, it’s my specialty.

A Primer on Utah Mediation

Divorce litigation gets expensive the deeper into the process attorneys must go. It’s true. In some cases, divorces that start with lofty assets end with couples selling assets to pay for attorneys. Of course, not all cases go that far, but you get the gist.

Mediation allows couples to meet in a no-pressure atmosphere, usually conference rooms. Both parties will appear, with representation, and work through whatever differences could extend divorce hearings well past their due time. It’s an informal process, one that does work when couples are tired of endless bickering and wish to work through asset disputes, child custody arrangements, and divvying up a personal and communal property.

Before heading to mediation with your Ogden mediation attorney, ask yourself:

  • Is the greater part of your income documented and verifiable?
  • Can you handle sitting with your spouse for extended periods?
  • Is your parental relationship strong enough to discuss the needs of children?
  • Are both yours and your spouse’s goals of an inexpensive divorce aligned?
  • Have any incidents of domestic violence occurred within the marriage?
  • Would you rather make decisions, or leave those to the family court judge?

This relaxed forum isn’t perfect for everyone, but my office has tremendous success in making these meetings successful for everyone involved. Mediation is not adversarial; think of it as your personal court before actual court litigation.

Emy Mediates with Success

For couples seeking mediation, I cannot promise this process’s outcome. But I’ve seen plenty of couples who’ve requested my Ogden mediation attorney services broken down, even mentally tired, who walk away together in total agreeance with the final outcome. So, it can work if you let the process run its course.

Both couples must be willing participants. If you’re unsure where your spouse could be located, or feel the other party may attempt physical violence, mediation isn’t for you. However, if you’ve maintained a functional relationship with your spouse, and want everyone to come out even, this process is splendid.

Entire divorce cases can be settled, with an actionable plan in place, within one office visit. It’s then filed with the court and essentially reverted to an uncontested process. Really, it’s that simple if you’re willing and able to settle marital disputes fairly.

Emy A. Cordano went through an unsavory divorce process herself, so her expertise as an Ogden mediation attorney is well-defined. Contact our law office today.

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