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Joint Custody Attorney

Joint Custody Lawyer Ogden

Passing children between houses. Coordinating with other parents to arrange pickup from school. Figuring out which family’s house will get children during the holidays. These and many other situations can seem arduous, yet it’s one of the many benefits of having joint custody. When both parents are willing to give and take, joint custody can be a wonderful means to preserve the family unit.

I’m Emy A. Cordano, an Ogden joint custody attorney. Children deserve the benefit of both parents in their lives but do not benefit when there’s hostility between recently split moms and dads. In my experience, parents who do not harbor anger towards each other but simply cannot live together with our wonderful candidates for joint custody.

How Split Custody Works

if you’re looking at getting joint custody in Utah, courts prefer prior planning. This means sitting down with both parents to work out reasonable accommodations for their children, which includes school and other extracurricular activities. Once a plan has been devised, my office can file petitions with the court. If there’s even an iota of disagreement, I work hard to get both parties to compromise.

Courts look at the agreement, taking into account the age of children involved along with emotional investment in each parent. Work schedules, sports, and other afterschool activities are also considered. Convenience for each parent, too, is important when approving joint custody agreements, especially when parents do not live within close proximity to each other.

As your Ogden joint custody attorney, it’s my duty to represent clients fairly in court. I am upfront and honest with all clients, and work hard to help parents maintain equal unification with their children.

There have been certain situations where joint custody simply doesn’t work, although these are few and far between. My office works closely with courts, court-appointed advocates, and other outside agencies as deemed appropriate to effectively represent clients wishing to begin joint legal and physical custody.

Making Joint Custody Work

Before clients enter my office, it’s important that they live by one rule: bad spouses aren’t bad parents. In order for joint custody to work, personal relationship issues must be put to the side. My office and I can hammer out parenting plans and file petitions all day, but none of them will work unless both parents have a working relationship for the benefit of their child’s development and emotional well-being.

I’ve been both a mediation expert and family law attorney long enough to have seen many great joint custody arrangements go horribly wrong. The main reason these custody plans go awry involves the strength of each parent’s relationship with the other. Once a working relationship can no longer be achieved, children end up suffering because her love for each parent is often equal.

I’m an Ogden joint custody attorney and negotiation expert, which allows me to help parents strengthen their bond with each other by devising a joint custody plan that not only works for the children but keeps both parents equally involved.

If you’re looking for legal guidance in perfecting your goals of joint custody, call Emy A. Cordano today.

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