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Divorce Attorney

Divorce Lawyer Ogden

Marriage can be an equally beneficial and loving union. Children can be raised, professional careers can flourish, and all the accouterments of ‘happily ever after’ can materialize when two people are truly devoted to bettering each other. However, not all marriages are destined for success, breaking down due to infidelities, money problems, or disinterest.

I’m Emy A. Cordano, and my divorce expertise culminates from my own divorce. Having someone you love is truly special, but when it’s time for both parties to move on, the process is stressful at best. I’ve become the Ogden divorce attorney couples want because my compassionate, yet fierce, litigation style balances my desire for men and women to peacefully end their respective unions.

Dissolving Marriages Isn’t Easy

You’ve undoubtedly accrued assets, such as IRA accounts and property, throughout your divorce. When dissolutions of marriage run their course, perhaps you’ve heard spouses start ‘snatching and stashing cash’. You fear children you’ll get custody of will not prosper because monies saved for college will dissipate along with your marriage.

Hiring me, an Ogden divorce attorney with an incredibly accurate team and track record of successful divorce litigation will help unveil these missing assets, or hold your ex-spouse accountable for depriving your family. In my experience, two types of divorce proceedings will happen:

  • Uncontested divorces, which means either both agree to part ways with assets already allocated, or the ex-spouse disappears and fails to appear in court, granting their wish in absentia.
  • Contested divorces, where people cannot agree on a division of property or where children should go. These are lengthy, stressful for some, but an area where I excel and have for years.

There are no other means to split from divorces. It’s either your ex-partner agrees or disagrees. I’ve worked in many cases where partners started out defiant but decided to settle before the court would prevent further undue hardship for everyone.

Emy Knows Divorce Litigation. Because Hers was Subpar.

In my experience, you really don’t know divorce until you’ve been there. Education in family law taught me litigation principles and general legalese; my own abysmal representation taught me how not to approach divorcees. Now that I’ve helped so many clients navigate their own nightmarish dissolutions, I feel my expertise needs no introduction. I’m an Ogden divorce attorney, and I’ll perform beyond my clients’ expectations. Period.

I’d love for every marriage to last forever. To burgeon with love and successful ventures. I’m realistic and know some couples simply won’t survive the turbulent times they’ll face. When they do, my office doors are open, and my team will work hard to help closure happen much smoother for you.

Don’t settle for poor representation. Trust me, I’ve been there. Having attorney representation that was there but really wasn’t turned what could’ve been a painless experience into somewhat of a wrecking ball.

An Ogden divorce attorney available by appointment, Emy A. Cordano is highly respected around Utah. Let’s sit down together and iron out your plan and put this traumatic event behind you.

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