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Custody Modifications Attorney

Custody Modifications Lawyer Ogden

Sometimes current child custody arrangements nullify due to extenuating circumstances, often stemming from miscommunication, fluctuation of work schedules, or a child’s growing interest in one parent’s company over the other. When these situations arise, it is best that an Ogden custody modification attorney intervene to protect clients from potential disputes with the other parent.

Custody modifications are the specialty of Emy A. Cordano, a family law attorney and court-approved mediation expert. Because courts usually won’t modify arrangements that work, my job is to bring substantial proof that current custody arrangements are either outdated or simply won’t benefit the children involved.

Situations That Merit Modification of Custody

Courts have long avoided modifying any previously entered order to alleviate confusion, or if they have reason to believe notifying another parent would be difficult at best. However, several situations where modifying child custody would be pertinent include:

  • Child abuse or domestic violence is discovered: Under Utah law, child abuse remands affected kids to the non-abusive parent’s sole custody, many times simply on an attorney’s motion.
  • One parent moves to another state: Because it would be inconvenient to travel long distances, modifying a custody arrangement when a parent moves across state lines would be prudent.
  • Children grow emotionally attached to one parent or another: An emotional attachment to the father or mother may require modifying the amount of time spent, especially if the child’s well-being would benefit. These situations require an added element of proof.
  • Death of a parent: This automatically modifies the custody agreement, although an Ogden custody modification attorney would still need to file the necessary motion.
  • When visitation order is ignored: If either of the custodial or noncustodial parents fails to adhere to visitation schedules, one party or another may file for sole custody.

The reasons my clients choose to modify custody arrangements normally fall into the above categories, although many situations arise when they don’t. Nonetheless, it’s never a good idea to fight these alone in court because your motion could be denied based on the smallest of technicalities.

In Need of Custody Modifications? Give Emy a Call.

Violating court orders is serious in Utah, although noncustodial parents don’t always break rules. Taking a job that may directly benefit your mutually shared child may require them to relocate, or sometimes parents fall ill, and the noncustodial parent may need to relocate home to take care of them. No matter what situation arises, Emy A. Cordano can help you adjust child custody petitions to properly reflect changes that have occurred since it was first entered.

Don’t skimp on legal representation when it comes to the well-being of your household. When you need the best Ogden custody modifications attorney, choose one is competent in all areas of family law, and knows how to request a modification hearing with the right reasons written into the petition.

Emy A. Cordano is a highly regarded family law advocate skilled in all areas of custody modifications. When a situation arises meriting an amendment to your current custody agreement, call or stop by our office today.

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