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Contested Divorce Attorney

Contested Divorce Lawyer Ogden

When two partners decide their marriage simply isn’t working, filing for divorce is imminent. Whether this divorce is simple, or complex, depends upon the assets and liabilities accumulated during the marriage. As the definition suggests, contesting divorce means one party doesn’t like what the other is offering upon exit. While some think hiring an Ogden contested divorce attorney is expensive, many others see the frugality behind such a choice.

Having endured a mentally tiring divorce herself, Emy A. Cordano knows firsthand what her clients are going through. Not only has a relationship tarnished you mentally, now there are financial issues that need to be ironed out before you can begin closure. This area is Emy’s specialty, as others would agree.

Why Contested Divorces Aren’t Simple

The longer the marriage, the more assets you’ve accumulated together. Houses, vehicles, financial accounts, even personal property, may all be contested in open court if one person believes they are entitled to more than the other party. I’ve seen it over and over; the divorces who are unhappy with the other party’s decision try their best to make matters worse by hiding assets, or simply wanting to hoard them for themselves.

My job as your retained counsel is simple: negotiate a fair and equitable division of property between both parties, and help secure favorable child custody arrangements for clients. While there is no perfect solution to how these contested divorces get handled, I’ve been involved in many favorable decisions as an Ogden contested divorce attorney where my clients are granted property that, in some cases, they never knew existed.

Because I also offer mediation services, many contested petitions can be ironed out simply by discussing reasons behind one person’s greed, or another’s desire to withhold money or property from the other. Most couples would rather not endure a lengthy litigation process, which is why many contested divorces I’ve been involved with and up favorably resolved prior to any serious court action.

I’d be remiss in telling clients divorces are easy. They can get emotionally tolling, and financially messy.

Emy A. Cordano, A Divorce Expert

Divorcees often gravitate toward people who understand their situation. Since not all attorneys have been involved in divorces, it’s often hard to establish a bond and trust they’ll get the job done. I’ve endured immeasurable pain and suffering from a divorce that I thought would never happen. From my experience blossomed a family law degree and the desire to help others who are going where I’ve been.

My services encompass all phases of your divorce petition. When contested, the only element that changes is how hard I fight back. While I cannot promise an outcome, I can promise my unwavering attention to your situation, and promise to work hard as your Ogden contested divorce attorney.

If you feel marital assets are not being divided properly, or you fear your soon-to-be ex-spouse may attempt to cover up assets, you’ll have a strongly contested divorce case which I will gladly take after you call my office.

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