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Child Support Attorney

Child Support Lawyer Ogden

According to a 2015 U.S. Census Bureau report, only $20.1 billion of the $33.1 billion in child support payments were actually received, which averages $4,300 per recipient annually. This figure, although it seems high, shows just how far noncustodial parents still lag in maintaining their court-ordered support. Responsibility for financially supporting children falls on both parents and is not optional.

Emy A. Cordano, the Ogden child support attorney custodial parents turn to when they need to file their case or enforce orders, understand the importance of financial responsibility, and will go to immeasurable lengths to assure clients receive every penny of support they’re are entitled to receive.

Utah’s Child Support Laws are Strong

Once paternity has been established in Salt Lake County court, or any court in Utah, financial responsibility is immediately attached to noncustodial parents, who are presumed to not have physical custody of their child or children. In determining how much support is paid, courts use a calculation system that takes both parents’ income and determines how much each parent should be responsible for, although only the noncustodial parent’s responsibility is monitored by courts.

Paying child support on time means Utah sees less strain on its welfare system. Therefore, when noncustodial parents fail in their obligation, the custodial parent is often forced onto a welfare system they’re trying hard to avoid.

Nonpayment of court-ordered support has both serious civil and potentially criminal ramifications. Losing driving privileges, recreational licenses, and having liens attached to personal property are just some civil penalties courts may impose at their discretion. When all civil remedies have been exhausted, criminal charges may be filed which could lead to long-term imprisonment.

Although my services are strictly family law related, I help my clients enforce orders by locating assets being hidden by the respondent and can certainly plead with the court to punish willfully negligent nonpayers. Being an Ogden child support attorney for many years has allowed me to build a reputation of fierce litigation in defending the financial interests of custodial parents and their children.

You Deserve Child Support. I’ll Help You File.

Housing, clothing, school supplies and books, sporting equipment, and daycare aren’t cheap. You should never have to pay these expenses alone, but statistics show many custodial parents are forced to. This doesn’t have to be you; I’ll fight to get support orders set at fair amounts for all parties. I’ll help adjust orders when the noncustodial parent’s income increases, too.

Let me stress that once paternity has been established, child support is not optional. Noncustodial parents don’t get the decision to pay whatever they want, whenever they want, for as long as they want. Paternal parents aren’t given the option to bully you into not filing for benefits. In fact, individuals who threaten or coerce you into not filing for child support can be charged with intimidation.

If you need help establishing paternity, or simply want professional guidance in getting child support started for your child’s benefit, contact me, an experienced Ogden child-support attorney, immediately.

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