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Alimony Attorney

Alimony Lawyer Ogden

Divorces present emotional and financial challenges for both parties. These challenges intensify when children are involved, and one parent seeks custody of one or several children. Then courts get involved, which means either money requested isn’t enough or is ordered beyond one person’s ability to pay. The process, by and large, isn’t for everyone. This is why Emy A. Cordano, an expert Ogden alimony attorney, is often trusted with cases both simplistic and complex.

Alimony is your right post-divorce. But to receive the benefits Utah laws allow, knowledge of applying for benefits, then fighting your case in court, is mandatory to assure a successful outcome.

Getting Alimony Approved in Utah

In Utah, alimony payments aren’t automatic upon the termination of the marriage. Divorcees must petition the court, provide a similar review of finances as one would submit when applying for child support, then withstand any rebuttals from the respondent. It’s often a process many would prefer bringing Emy A. Cordano into because judges won’t always get amounts right. Not purposely, but often because of simple miscalculations or respondent’s failure to include assets.

An Ogden alimony attorney for many years, Emy A. Cordano has fought and successfully won numerous alimony cases. Equitable orders handed down by judges in divorces, after all, facts and related submissions are reviewed may include only the basics, such as:

  • Division of property, including vehicles and houses. This may require forced sales.
  • The Demanding respondent pays for health insurance or continue policies, to cover spouses and children.
  • Child support is based on income and standard of living prior to divorce.

Sometimes, however, final judgments aren’t handed down with all facts considered. As your retained Ogden alimony attorney, Emy A. Cordano works hard to assure petitioners (you) are given spousal support which continues for a period equal to your relationship’s tenure. So, if your marriage lasted 22 years, you would be entitled to 22 years of alimony, which would continue even if you enter a new relationship.

Emy A. Cordano Is A Powerful Ally

Folks have tried to navigate Utah’s complex divorce system, but unfortunately never received the alimony they sought, or simply didn’t receive enough to survive. Ex-spouses are known for hiding assets by putting money in off-shore accounts, withdrawing large sums of money, and keeping it locked in safes, even putting property in someone else’s name to circumvent financial reviews. It’s a nightmare.

Powerful and educated, Emy A. Cordano knows the challenges men and women face post-divorce. Having launched her successful practice on the heels of her own divorce, she’s helped many folks in positions such as yours to receive financial benefits that are fair and equitable for all parties. With knowledge of Utah’s divorce laws and a tenacious approach in fighting for divorcees’ financial benefits, she’s an Ogden alimony attorney regarded by many as Utah’s preferred legal counsel.

Emy knows you can choose any alimony attorney and is thankful you’ve considered her. To find out more about her alimony litigation services, contact her via phone, email, or visit her office today.

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