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Adoption Attorney

Adoption Lawyer Ogden

Couples not able to produce children of their own, even those wanting to extend their current families, may opt for adoption. Giving children protection, love, and security through adoption provides hope to those lacking that family ‘bond’. Emy A. Cordano, providing exceptional legal representation and is highly regarded as the ‘go-to’ Ogden adoption attorney, bridges the gap between parents seeking adoption, and the courts who look after the best interests of children.

From start to finish, adoptions will go much smoother under the careful tutelage of Emy A. Cordano. With a reputation for excellence in family law, clients from across Utah have successfully brought home children and are caring for them as their own to this day.

Are Adoptions Really That Simple?

Thousands of children eagerly await their ‘forever homes’ while in Utah’s foster care system. But before children of any age can become officially adopted, the law requires several steps to transpire. They are:

Thirty-six (36) hours of education and training are required before ‘officially’ entering the application phase. As many children will come from broken homes and may require special care and attention, it’s paramount each parent prepare themselves by understanding the intricacies of handling children in special situations. An experienced Ogden adoption attorney can guide you toward accredited classes.

Assessment and Licensure
Once an application is submitted and training is completed, potential adoptive parents will be vetted. This will entail a home study, background checks, and a complete review of finances. It’s important new parents have the means to care for children they intend to call their own.

Approval process
Once everything is completed, Utah DCFS will look everything over and approve or deny based on their findings.

Bear in mind the private adoption and step-parent adoption process is autonomous of adopting children placed in DCFS-approved foster homes. Emy A. Cordano, an Ogden adoption attorney who exceeds standards in adoption representation, can help regardless of what type of adoption is taking place.

Emy Will Guide You Throughout Adoption Process

Utah’s courts impose challenging applications and approval processes not only to protect children from harm but to assure the right parents adopt for the right reasons. The laws aren’t ‘optional’, and every case put before family court is treated as seriously as the first. You’re wanting to adopt, have the means to adopt, but are unsure where or when to begin certain applications and procedures.

Emy A. Cordano knows adoptions. Having been involved with many, she’s the Ogden adoption attorney chosen by families serious in their search for legal representation throughout the adoption process. Without her legal representation, many adoptions simply wouldn’t have materialized.

Let my office provide skilled, compassionate representation as you enter this wonderful journey toward adoption. You’re just as excited about adoption as I am about helping you achieve it.

Call, email, or stop by my office and let’s discuss your situation. What made you choose adoption? What challenges can we help you overcome? These and many more questions will be presented by you, the loving parents, and answered by me, Emy A. Cordano, the attorney positioning parents for success.

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