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Holladay Parental Rights Attorney

Parental rights cases when two spouses are divorcing one another in Utah can be very complex if those involved don’t have proper assistance from experienced legal professionals. Although there are certainly instances when the terms of child custody, child support, and alimony agreements are unfair to a mother, courts often treat fathers unfairly in these scenarios.

That doesn’t need to happen. If you’re divorcing (or have divorced) a spouse with whom you have children and you wish to ensure you receive fair treatment, Holladay parental rights attorney Emy Cordano is prepared to help. The following are just some of the issues a lawyer can address on your behalf:

Child Custody

Historically, barring any circumstances that clearly indicate a mother is not fit to be a child’s primary caregiver, courts have typically granted mothers primary custodial rights. This has sometimes prevented worthy fathers from being as actively involved in the upbringing of their children as they may deserve to be.

With the help of a Holladay parental rights lawyer, you can present a strong case explaining to a judge why a proper custody agreement is one that grants you more opportunities to see your children and assist in raising them. Be aware, even if you have already entered into a custody agreement, it may be possible to modify it for various reasons. Discuss this topic with the experts at a Utah parental rights law firm for more information.

Child Support

Ideally, two divorcing spouses can agree upon the terms of a child support arrangement. However, as you may expect, this is not always possible.

That’s when the court needs to get involved. The court will account for such factors as the income of both parents to calculate child support payments. While there are exceptions, often, the father is the parent most responsible for paying child support.

Courts and judges are not not infallible. If you don’t have strong representation from an attorney, it’s possible the court will order you to pay more in child support than is reasonable. Additionally, like child custody agreements, the terms of a child support arrangement may be modified in the future if, for example, you lose your job.

It’s also possible that you should be receiving higher child support payments than you currently are. Perhaps your ex is uncooperative and won’t pay what they’ve been ordered to. Or, maybe they concealed sources of income from the court when child support payments were being calculated. Whether you believe you’re paying too much or receiving too little in child support payments, a lawyer can be of great assistance in these matters.


Alimony is another type of payment that one spouse may be ordered to pay after a divorce. Alimony payments are meant to serve as general financial support when one spouse will have trouble providing for their own financial needs after separating from a spouse who served as the family’s main provider.

As with child support payments, it’s possible that a court can order a spouse to pay too much or too little in alimony. The terms of an alimony agreement can also change if the life circumstances of one or both ex-spouses change in the years following a divorce.

These are just some of the issues a qualified Holladay parental rights attorney can help you navigate. Attorney Emy Cordano understands these are challenging matters, and thus offers compassionate but aggressive representation to all clients who enlist her help. For a free case evaluation, call today at 801-804-5152 or contact the office online.

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