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Holladay Asset & Property Division Attorney

Various factors may contribute to disputes when two spouses are divorcing one another in Utah. Asset and property vision is a major example.

Getting a divorce is rarely an easy process. That said, the experience can be much less unpleasant both in the short-term and the long run if you hire an attorney who has the experience and resources necessary to ensure you’re treated fairly. Quite simply, when you have sizable assets (such as property, investments, etc.), there is a possibility of losing more than is reasonable or appropriate after a divorce if you don’t have strong representation.

Holladay asset and property division attorney Emy A. Cordano understands that each case is unique. Working hard to understand the specific circumstances of each client with whom she works, she tailors her strategy to maximize a client’s chances of arriving at a fair outcome.

How an Experienced Holladay Asset & Property Division Lawyer Helps

The experts at a Utah-based asset and property division law firm can assist you in a number of ways. Specifically, Emy A. Cordano, Attorney at Law can help by:

Conducting a thorough assessment

To ensure assets and property are divided appropriately when you are divorcing your spouse, it is first necessary to accurately assess the overall value and extent of your marital assets (as well as any debts). This may also include assessing property, funds, or other such assets that one spouse may have kept hidden from their partner.

Gathering necessary documentation

Not all assets qualify as marital assets. Certain types of assets should qualify as property that belongs to you and you alone. There should be no risk of you losing such assets or property in a divorce. Examples may include gifts, assets you inherited, or assets you obtained prior to your marriage, assuming said assets never commingled with marital assets after you got married.

You may know that these assets belong exclusively to you. However, to ensure the court does not see the situation differently, you may need to provide documentation proving these assets are not marital assets that may be divided among yourself and your spouse. Your Holladay asset and property division attorney can help you gather this documentation.

Advocating on your behalf

This may represent the most vital way in which a lawyer can assist you when dividing property and assets with a spouse. You need representation from a lawyer who can effectively argue for a settlement that’s fair based on your current financial stability and lifestyle.

Obtaining business evaluations

If you own a business, your spouse owns a business, or you co-own a business, it may be necessary to obtain evaluations of said businesses when getting a divorce. This is another task a lawyer can handle for you.

All these examples highlight an important point: A Holladay asset and property division attorney can make your life much less stressful both during and after a divorce by helping you guard against an unfair division of property. To learn more about what Emy A. Cordano can do for you, contact the office online or call 801-804-5152 to schedule your free case evaluation.

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