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Divorce Lawyer Draper

Very few couples are prepared for divorce. From the time most people in Salt Lake County make their marriage vows, many believe their relationship will last forever. But the reality is not every marriage is built to last. When a marriage falls apart, divorce is sometimes the best solution. But when it comes time to file for divorce, there are many questions that need to be answered. What is going to happen to my children? Do I have to pay alimony? Will I receive spousal support? What are my custody and visitation rights? Can changes be made to my existing divorce settlement? To get the answers you need, it is vital to seek legal advice from an experienced Draper divorce attorney committed to protecting your rights and interests.

Committed To Providing Clients With The Best Utah Family Law Solutions

My name is Emy A. Cordano and I am a divorce attorney in Draper. Utah family law can sometimes get complicated. The truth is most people who are seeking a divorce are unfamiliar with the laws and statutes that will ultimately decide their future along with the future of their children. For nearly two decades, I have successfully represented men and women with divorce along with a variety of Utah family law issues. Each client brings a different set of circumstances. Over the years, I have provided representation and legal advice for the following types of divorce and family law cases:

To help my clients achieve the best possible results, I take pride in utilizing an aggressive and compassionate approach. Like many of my clients, I have also gone through the divorce process. I understand the challenges and obstacles they will face. From the time of your initial consultation and all the way through trial, I will always be in your corner to make sure your rights and interests are protected.

How A Draper Divorce Attorney Can Help?

Divorce can be an emotional and confusing time in your life. It is important to make sound decisions. As an experienced divorce lawyer in Salt Lake County, I can help guide each client through the legal process. Unlike many Draper divorce attorneys, I also place a high priority on preparing clients for life after divorce. Your life will go through many changes after your divorce. Whether it is a change in income or relocation, I can help assist with any divorce modifications. Do not go through a divorce alone. The best solution is to get legal advice from an experienced legal professional you can trust.

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Draper is one of the best places in Salt Lake County to raise a family. However, not every marriage has a happy ending. If you are considering a divorce, it is time to seek representation from an experienced family law attorney that can effectively explain your legal options. To learn more, contact me, Emy A. Cordano, and schedule a consultation today.

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