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Visitation Rights Attorney

Visitation Rights Lawyer Draper

The greatest gift parents can give their children is their time. Attention. The opportunity to understand right from wrong, and the chance to learn new things each day with the two loving people who brought them life. Without parental interest, children can often seek validation in other more sinister ways.

Idyllically, children will reach adulthood in two-parent homes. Sometimes, it simply doesn’t work out to where both parents sustain a relationship, causing one to move on with their personal lives. When this happens, there’s this little issue of how the absentee parent will visit their child.

This is where Emy A. Cordano, an expert visitation rights attorney, is known for working wonders for parents both seeking visitation rights, and those wanting to split custody 50/50.

Utah parent time guidelines can be tricky. Going to court pro se, or without representation, can pose numerous challenges when the custodial parent has an aggressive attorney of their own. Because family law is my area of expertise, leveling the court hearings is my job.

Utah’s Divorce Laws Govern Visitation

Regardless of what relationship custodial parents had with noncustodial parties, Utah’s divorce statues mandate how parent time is distributed. Work, proximity to child, and other factors impact how judges may order visitation, but the main denominator is best interests of the child.

In determining best interests, the legislature was enacted to keep the best interest of parents consistent with children’s needs. For example, will having both parents involved with the child affect the child(ren) mentally, will having more time with one parent cause animosity with the other, and so forth.

Emy A Cordano has an interest in what children need, and how each parent who retains her services factors into their rearing. She’ll look at all facts surrounding the divorce or relationship. Her skills family law in making her the Draper visitation rights attorney most single parents will turn to when an otherwise confusing court process gets them down.

Utah Codes 30-3-32 through 30-3-37 loosely govern parental visitation, although factors such as child’s school activities, parents’ work schedule, and other variables impossible to determine without research are taken into account.

We Can Help Resolve Visitation Disputes

Mothers and fathers alike have come to my office often broken. They want nothing more than time with their child, but something is preventing them. It could be the custodial parent’s unwillingness to negotiate, or the noncustodial parent simply doesn’t want involvement for whatever reason.

I can help with disputes, too.

Dispute resolution is one way of resolving visitation disputes between custodial and noncustodial parents using various forms of conflict resolution. When two responsible parties are wanting to handle visitation of their child(ren) before heading to court, a Draper visitations rights attorney can intervene by negotiation, alternative dispute resolution, mediation, or if those things don’t work, going through the courts to determine parenting time using the state’s system of calculation.

If you’re wanting to enforce your visitation rights, need a modification for more parenting time, or have other issues related to child visitation, contact Emy A. Cordano today.

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