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Uncontested Divorce Attorney

Uncontested Divorce Lawyer Draper

Emy A. Cordano knows the heartaches associated with marriages that don’t work. Making that vow which was supposed to bind two people together for life sometimes fails, oftentimes from simple things like communication breakdown to more sinister events like infidelity or violence.

I’m one of Utah’s premier uncontested divorce attorney firms that helps embattled husbands and wives end their tumultuous marriages legally and, in this case, without being contested. The aftereffects of an emotional breakup are devastating enough; the last thing you’re wanting to deal with is whatever legal paperwork needs to be filed with Salt Lake County Clerk’s office. Let me handle that.

The Only Good Part of Divorce Is Not Being Contested

It’s better when divorces go smoothly. Both parties can split their property, file their petition jointly, attend one hearing and it’s done. Not knowing the legal process, including filing procedures and how to present yourself in court can be frustrating, at best.

As your retained counsel, I will help file all necessary petitions. You simply tell me what property has been agreed upon, where the children will spend their time, who will assume responsibility for the mortgage and car payments, and that’s essentially it. From there, I’ll represent you in court to put the finishing touches on your divorce’s end.

Divorces are, generally speaking, No-Fault actions. This means that:

  • Both parties have lived apart for greater than three (3) years under judicial separation, or
  • Differences leading to a divorce petition are irreconcilable.

Some common grounds for a No-Fault divorce may include partner’s impotency, incurable insanity, being considered a ‘habitual drunkard’, felony conviction, desertion lasting over one (1) year. No-Fault divorces are usually uncontested, or the courts may deem them as such.

Whatever led you to file an uncontested divorce in Utah, remember that petitions are rather lengthy, and get longer the more property and child needs you to put into your petition. There have been countless petitions that have been denied or not properly served due to something being out of context, or an address was incorrect. Before I file your petition, I quality check my work to assure everything is accurate.

In Utah, there’s a 90-day waiting period between filing and your final hearing.

Why Emy A. Cordano Gets The Call

Even the simplest of divorces, such as those uncontested, requires competent Draper uncontested divorce attorney assistance to avoid complications. It’s hard on both people when splitting up, so why not let someone with compassion for your situation handle the legal side?

If you want to keep your divorce uncontested but want to be counseled on how to approach your spouse with property issues, I’m able to sit down and discuss ways to approach without seeming mean or greedy. You do have the right to retain the property, so don’t leave your divorce empty-handed.

When you’ve had enough but aren’t interested in arguing over property, and have an agreement in place for child care and visitation, please reach out to an easy-going, highly educated Draper uncontested divorce attorney, Emy A. Cordano.

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