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Sole Custody Attorney

Sole Custody Lawyer Draper

When two loving people with children decide to end their marriage would be in the best interest, a sometimes troublesome process ensues. The same process happens when a child is born out of wedlock, and one parent finds themselves more fitting than the other. We’re all protective by nature, so it’s natural when there’s an animosity in the household to immediately shield our children from it.

I’m Emy A. Cordano, a resilient sole custody attorney who understands the struggles single or recently divorced parents go through. It’s my duty to ensure parents seeking sole custody of their children are granted such, provided the parent seeking such is of sound mind, and can financially provide the children they seek to retain in their household.

Sole Custody in Utah

3.1 out of every thousand Utah marriages end up dissolving. While that figure is relatively low, there are countless cohabitations and single people who comingle that have children. Ideally, both parents will come to a reasonable custody agreement without the assistance of courts; however, most cases I handle involve two parents who feel their better equipped to provide emotional and financial support to their children than the other.

Many socioeconomic factors go into the court’s final determination who is a better fit for sole custody. To give you an idea, I’ve found many people are awarded sole custody based off:

  • Their heavy involvement with picking children up, attending school activities, and helping them achieve better grades.
  • Who is more heavily involved with bathing, feeding, and teaching children at home?
  • The parent who spends a greater quality, not quantity, amount of time with children.
  • Which parent can stay home when children are ill without causing undue financial damage to their household.
  • If either parent has any past or pending criminal matters. This could be important if abuse, rape, or anything detrimental to your child’s health may lead to another parent’s felony conviction.

No custody case I’ve ever helped single parents with was cut and dry. However, I’m the Draper sole custody attorney who promises 100% effort in making sure you are awarded sole custody of your minor children based on my findings, and what courts historically have done in situations similar to yours.

I Help Secure Physical and Legal Sole Custody

Two components of custody exist according to Utah law: legal, and physical. It’s entirely possible parents are awarded sole physical, but joint legal, custody of their minor children. In situations where one parent historically makes reckless decisions, I’m able to secure my client’s physical and legal custody which would provide the noncustodial parent rights. Again, each case is specific to facts.

I’ve been practicing family law for a considerable amount of time. I know the importance of making sure your children are safe, educated, and have everything their hearts desire. When situations arise that jeopardize the safety and security of your children, I’ll be the Draper sole custody attorney fighting by your side to help you gain, or regain, sole custody of your children.

Let me, Emy A. Cordano, look over your sole custody case.

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