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Protective Order Lawyer Draper

One cannot always predict another’s actions. Having bad luck, missing out on promotions at work, family member passes away, or similar life-changing events can bring anger out when its unwarranted. This anger can manifest into something much darker, like violence against people they love most.When others are violent, it makes them feel uncomfortable about living in their house, going to work, or in many cases just makes them fearful in general.

Emy A. Cordano, a Draper protective order attorney, can help those embattled by violence at the hands of their loved ones by filing order of protection which, in the state of Utah, can provide a mountain of protection.

How Protective Orders Work

Utah provides excellent protection by means of court order. Whether you been intimidated, or physically battered, these protective orders are designed to keep significant distance between you, and the person or people threatening harm to you. By filing this, you’ll be able to sleep peacefully at night, knowing the following conditions come with the court ordered protection petition:

  • Respondent (which is the person you’re filing against) will not be able to come within a predetermined amount of feet wherever you are. This includes places you frequent.
  • Respondent will be ordered to surrender any firearms or other deadly weapons.
  • Respondent may not go near petitioner’s children, pets or home.
  • In some cases, respondent may be ordered to surrender their home.
  • Respondent may have to pay temporary financial support if married to petitioner.
  • Respondent may have to forgo visitation time.

I’m an experienced Draper protective order attorney who fights for those that fear their spouse or significant other. With extensive courtroom experience, I’m able to discuss your situation in a language that judges clearly understand. It’s this experience that helps victims like yourself secure relief from their loved one who is doing them harm, or threatening to do so.

Let Me Help File Your Protective Order

Because often times abusers won’t appear in court, we’ll sit before the judge together and explain why you’re seeking temporary restraint of another individual in your life threatening to do harm, or constantly intimidating you.

Once the protective order is activated, it essentially lasts forever. Should you and your significant other make amends, you’ll have to re-petition the court and explain why drop the protective order. Any criminal charges, such as battery or aggravated assault, may automatically compel the court to file a protective order on your behalf.

I can also help individuals who’ve been targeted for frivolous protective order action. This means your spouse or significant other is misrepresenting a situation simply to keep you away from them or your children. Should this happen, I can come to your defense and help drop the frivolous protective order.

In situations where your life may be threatened, you’ll need competent legal counsel to help navigate the court system of Utah. As your Draper protective order attorney, I’ll rigorously defended you in whatever capacity help secure your livelihood.

To get help filing an immediate protective order, contact Emy A. Cordano today.