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Paternity Lawyer Draper

It’s often believed people who are involved in a marriage have no paternal rights to their children. This couldn’t be further from the truth; in fact, two people who bring life into his world are both given equal opportunity to raise, love, and financially support their children. In Utah, paternity must be established before child support is ordered.

Emy A. Cordano, a pro-family paternity attorney, can help custodial parents establish paternity on their minor children so proper financial support, visitation rights and legal recognition of parenthood can be established. Paternity, most importantly, gives children two loving people they can identify as their parents, instead of just a mother.

Establishing Paternity in Salt Lake County

When two people are married and bring children into this world, maternity and paternity are automatically understood. In the event children are born out of wedlock, paternal rights are not necessarily promised as they must be established by the courts.

There are three ways paternity is established in Utah:

  • Parents both sign and file a voluntary declaration of paternity form;
  • A child, either parent or the state of Utah files action requesting judgment paternity;
  • an application for child support may trigger an administrative order of paternity.

Our Draper paternity attorney may help maternal parents secure a paternity order and simultaneously file for child support and visitation rights. It’s understood that when men lay down with women, pregnancy may happen. Emy A. Cordano helps give your newborn child two parents by filing an action to secure paternity against the putative father.

If you recently gave birth, but believe the paternal parent may have deceased, we can help file court action to establish paternity from known medical or dental records.

Getting Paternity Established Is Important

Paternity means more than being able to file for child support. It opens a world of opportunity for children, and families, which includes knowing financial support will be given. Emy A. Cordano knows the importance of paternal identity to the family fabric, and will fairly represent either maternal or paternal parent in establishing paternity.

Genetic testing is the national standard for men to know 100% for sure that an alleged child truly belongs to them. DNA testing usually involves taking a cotton swab inside both parents’ cheeks, in which the swabs were then placed in separate containment bags and shipped off to a lab for analysis.

Once paternity has been established, getting health benefits, a completed birth certificate and of course file for child support and visitation can be handled by a Draper paternity attorney.

Need Paternity Established?

Getting paternity established opens a world of opportunity for both parents and the child. It would be a rather odd world if nobody knew their parents, and individuals took care of random children. Paternal rights help clearly establish the man in charge of being a good father, supporting his child.

If you’re confused and need assistance with establishing paternity so your child knows their biological father, get a hold of Emy A. Cordano, an experienced Draper paternity attorney with knowledge of family law and the paternity process.

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