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Mediation Attorney

Mediation Lawyer Draper

With the many complexities family law presents, divorcees and parents who wish to resolve child-related issues may elect mediation. Disputants are afforded an opportunity to utilize skilled third-party, court-approved individuals trained in dispute resolution, which can bypass and often costly litigation process. If you’re looking at retaining a mediation attorney, Emy A. Cordano has a tremendous amount of experience, and a wealth of resources, available to those who want to amicably resolve family matters outside of court.

Not to be mistaken, mediation differs from arbitration in that mediating happens outside of court, whereas arbitration is often suggested directly by the courts prior to trying your case before a judge.

How Mediation Works

The main objective of mediating is resolving differences before escalation into the legal process. Two parties, usually fighting to save their marriage, will meet with an agreed-upon mediator to discuss differences hindering forward progress in their relationship. Where children are concerned, mediation works both for married folks, and those in cohabitation and can be much cheaper than individually hiring counsel.

Once both parties have set down with a Draper mediation attorney, discussions will commence. The environment is informal, non-pressured, with absolutely no obligation to leave the meeting with an agreement in hand, although coming to a resolution is what Emy A. Cordano will vie for. Differences that are often handled in mediation include child support, custody arrangements if living separately, avoiding unnecessary court action to enforce previously entered orders, even adoption.

No part of mediation is adversarial; both disputants may very well preserve their relationship after my services have been successfully rendered. In fact, couples living separately have reinvented their love for each other after mediation.

I successfully enter your agreement into court record once both parties have come to one. Only mediators qualified by Utah courts may get involved in dispute resolution, especially if there’s an active case. Trusting me as your Draper mediation attorney is my number one goal.

Also, responses filed in conjunction with a divorce petition are automatically sent to mediation in Utah.

Advantages of Using Me for Mediation

I’m all about resolving matters before they escalate and create an environment where both parties harbor resentment for each other. When you retain me as your mediator, you’ll position both yourself and the other disputant to:

  • Lessen the impact disputes have on children
  • Resolve your case with a potentially much stronger relationship than before
  • Expedite the resolution of your case
  • Spend far less money than you would go directly to court
  • Get a potentially much better agreement in place than you would if sent to court

I’ve been a court-approved Draper mediation attorney long enough to know two disputants may have far greater success mediating their issues as opposed to fighting a potentially long and fruitless battle in court. Historically speaking, courtroom battles hinder relationships between disputants, and that resentment trickles down to their children inadvertently.

To retain your own Draper mediation attorney, contact Emy A. Cordano before making any rash decisions that could jeopardize fixing your disputes cordially.

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