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Joint Custody Attorney

Joint Custody Lawyer Draper

Although many relationships end, the responsibility to care for children conceived in the relationship does not. The parents may split and live in separate homes; however, each mother and father must maintain a standard of living suitable for children. When both parents share equal responsibility for their children’s well-being, a joint custody situation is born.

I’m Emy A. Cordano, a Draper joint custody attorney well-versed in family law. We all wish parents would stay together until children are old enough to leave the house, however, not all relationships work out. Divorces may happen, people move on, but both mother and father will always love and desire to care for their children. My job to make sure that my clients’ wishes for an amicable joint custody situation become reality.

Joint Custody Can Improve Child’s Upbringing

Parents know by now that decisions made in court take into account children’s best interests. Because so many variables go into child upbringing, and courts must be unbiased in their rulings, joint custody hearings may often seem boring, even drab. However, making sure your children are in the right care is the most important thing our Draper joint custody attorney aims to accomplish.

Several types of joint custody are possible:

  • Joint legal and physical: This gives custodial and noncustodial parents an equal amount of decision-making power, and time spent at home. This type of custody situation is common with both parents living apart, yet they get along well enough and have similar finances.
  • Joint physical, sole legal: Which provides equal time at each parent’s house, but indemnifies one party to make all pertinent decisions on behalf of the child.
  • Joint legal, sole physical: Similar to the above except one party has primary live-in care while both parents make vital decisions for the child.

The type of custody you may receive depends on numerous factors, including the strength of child-parent relationships and financial situations, among the many other courts may take into account.

Emy A. Cordano Is Your Child Custody Expert

The Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act may be one tool courts use to determine which household may be best fit for custody, although it’s usually preferred that both parents equally share parental responsibilities. Equality usually translates to a better upbringing for children and keeps both custodial parents on good terms with each other.

I’ve been a proponent of child-parent relationships for many years. As your Draper joint custody attorney, my goal is to help clients who feel their children are suffering due to lack of contact with one parent establish mutually beneficial joint custody to get their children back on track. I’ve helped numerous families with nowhere else to turn, or little knowledge of the court system, file, and secure joint custody rights.

If you’re wondering how to start the process of filing joint custody in Utah, contact me by phone or email. You may also stop by my office, and one of my friendly staff members will set an appointment to meet with me about fulfilling your goal of equal parent time and support.

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