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Domestic Violence Attorney

Domestic Violence Lawyer Draper

Women in Utah are more fearful of men they know, that strangers on the street. While psychologists can only speculate what causes men, and women, to become suddenly violent, the mere fact people are scared of those they love is enough for Emy A. Cordano, an experienced and caring domestic violence attorney, to spring into action for clients.

IPV, or intimate partner violence, is one type of domestic violence that occurs between two people in a committed relationship. One partner, for whatever reason, becomes combative toward the other in a verbal or physical manner. From there, relationships are broken, as is trust. For those wanting protection from this unnecessary behavior, I’m able to perform many legal activities that can both safeguard life, and hold parties accountable for their actions.

Domestic Violence is Not Ok

in 2012 alone, 3,114 Utah residents checked into domestic abuse shelters to escape their assailants. These comprise chiefly of women and children, with some men also fearing physical retaliation from their significant others. Nationally, nearly 5,000,000 women experience some form of physical abuse, including rape. Let’s be clear: no part of domestic violence is acceptable, and if you’re a victim seeking legal action against your ex-spouse, sibling, or significant other, Emy A. Cordano is there for you.

Utah Code Title 77, Chapter 36 outlines the Cohabitant Abuse Procedures Act. It outlines the premise filing charges, what considerations are made if assailants are repeat offenders, and goes into what responsibilities law enforcement officers have when they’ve responded to allegations of domestic violence. As your Draper domestic violence attorney, my responsibility is to utilize the Utah code to help protect victims of violence. My responsibilities include:

  • Notifying authorities if my office was the first point of contact;
  • Helping victims secure safety until the perpetrator is off the streets;
  • Filing immediate protective orders so future attempts at bodily harm will enhance charges of battery, intimidation, entrapment, or rape;
  • Defending the battered individual in court, appearing on their behalf if scared or feeling too apprehensive to appear with me;

Utah laws are very strict when it comes to punishing violence. My law firm fights hard to make sure victims of domestic violence are well protected, and justice is swiftly served for them.

Emy A. Cordano, a Name Victims Trust

The Utah Domestic Violence Coalition estimates 42% of all homicides in Utah since 2001 were domestic violence-related. This means loved ones, including siblings and spouses, perpetrated the death of someone they promised to love and cherish.

Each individual my Draper domestic violence attorney firm represents is unique, special, and treated like family. When it seems all the world is against you, my office will take your case and see to it you receive full protections offered by Utah laws.

You don’t have to be afraid anymore. Contact Emy A. Cordano, Attorney at Law, who will help hold anyone who battered you, or is threatening to batter you, accountable while shielding you with protective orders and any other relief available under Utah law.

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