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Custody Modifications Attorney

Custody Modifications Lawyer Draper

One complex part of family law in Utah is modifications of previously entered orders. While courts often need an excellent reason to change previously entered orders, it’s well within your rights to modify certain conditions when family life changes.

Has one parent moved outside of Utah? Did your work hours change? These and many other issues may merit an experienced custody modifications attorney, Emy A. Cordano, to help alter previous conditions of your custody order.

Modifications get difficult as more stipulations are added, or subtracted. Let me handle every phase of your custody agreement changes so you’re able to carry on with life.

Utah Guidelines on Custody Modifications

Custodial or noncustodial parents are empowered to make changes to original custody agreements. Now, custody agreements may have included clauses regarding alternative dispute resolution should one or both parents not agree with what’s being offered. Because disputes can often be resolved with legal assistance, Emy A. Cordano can offer skilled negotiation so parties can enter stipulations and file a petition to modify without further aggrievance.

Courts, much like any child-based petition, will always rule based on the best interests of the child(ren) involved. If modifications may jeopardize any part of a child’s livelihood, it may get denied. Therefore, it’s probably best for petitioners to bring competent counsel to these hearings, and to help write out all language of the motion.

Some situations myself, a Draper custody modifications attorney, and my office see fairly often meriting custody amendments include:

  • Developmental needs of the child have significantly changed;
  • One or both parents have relocated for work, rendering the previous order impractical;
  • Evidence or an active case of abuse exists;
  • One parent raises concern regarding the stability of another parent’s home;
  • Child’s wishes, as they increase in age, are to spend more time with one parent;
  • An obvious violation of custody order merits changing stipulations.

Violations of custody orders are serious. I’m able to help parents who’ve been burdened with another parent’s lack of following orders by bringing the action to swiftly modify custody agreements. In certain cases, filing for sole legal and physical custody may stem from the abuse of judicial orders.

If you feel danger is imminent, or another parent refuses to return the child as agreed, contact the police or child services; this may merit filing charges against the offending parent. From there, my office will get involved and make sure the process of modifying your order begins immediately.

Emy A. Cordano, Your Custody Modifications Pro

We know parenting life has many changes. Children may enter sports, which consumes time. Parents are offered an opportunity to advance within their company, but moving is imminent. These and many other situations are where an aggressive Draper custody modifications attorney like Emy A. Cordano would work best.

If you’re getting ready to enter a phase of parenting that merits altering an older order no longer applicable to your situation, or if signs of child abuse are obvious, contact my office immediately. We begin working on your case to get your order changed to protect you, and your child’s, interests.

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