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Contested Divorce Attorney

Contested Divorce Lawyer Draper

Marriages that simply aren’t built for continuity will end. Whether communication breaks down, one person stepped out or there’s simply no substance anymore, once fruitful unions between two people will end in divorce. We’d all love unrewarding situations to end peacefully, but unfortunately, if one person isn’t ready to let go, it won’t end smoothly.

I’m Emy A. Cordano, a well-known contested divorce attorney. When women and men simply aren’t ready for their marriage to end, but the other wants to move on, I’m the Salt Lake City-area attorney relied on to bring closure legally.

You already know what contested divorces are simply by being involved in the heartache of having your significant other refusing to sign papers. So, if you’re contemplating divorce, and there’s significant property and potential custody issues that may arise, follow these steps:

Hire Emy A. Cordano, Attorney at Law

You want this divorce to end peacefully. And you want the division of property and child(ren) to be amicable. Don’t go after your spouse without legal representation, hire the one attorney that already knows what you’re going through.

After you’ve chosen me, an aggressive Draper contested divorce attorney with significant amounts of courtroom experience, you’re ready to move forward in putting this behind you.

Serve Petition Upon Spouse

I’ll personally help put together your petition, including anything we’re stipulating such as a property you feel is yours, financial accounts that should be split, and where children should reside. As an experienced Draper contested divorce attorney, I can also put provisions for visitation or joint custody if that’s your desire.

Your spouse may or may not sign off. If so, then we’re a short distance from the finish line and you skip this remaining passage. If not…

We’ll Begin Discovery Process

My office will help gather details about your entire marriage, children, property, and everything else down to both party’s jobs. This entire process basically dissects both you and your spouse’s life and helps determine where things came from, how things were acquired, what property came into the marriage, or was jointly signed for. It’s a pretty deep process.

Once this process is finished, we’ll submit our findings to your spouse and the court. If your spouse has retained counsel, we’ll go back and forth until everyone has agreed the information is factually correct. It’s during this process judges urge parties to settle.

Time for Trial and Appeals Process

Should nothing get accomplished during the discovery and settlement process, I’ll head to trial. This is where witnesses to both party’s marriage will speak, and anyone else relevant to the proceeding will come forward to testify on your behalf. We’ll cross-examine anyone your spouse brings, as they will us. It’s a battle, of sorts, with two leaders standing tall and holding their client’s ground.

After everything is laid out before the judge and jury, a decision will be made. If we’re not happy with whatever was decided, we’ll send the case through the appellate process, which may end up remanding the case back to the trial court to get their decision changed, or retry.

I’m the Draper contested divorce attorney that sees things through for you. When you’re contemplating divorce, and wonder which local attorney has your back, think Emy A. Cordano.

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