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Child Support Attorney

Child Support Lawyer Draper

For custodial parents that feel that they’re not receiving the proper support for their children or noncustodial parents who feel their obligations are unreasonably high, a Draper child support attorney may assist to help raise, or lower, child support obligations as seen fit. Emy A. Cordano is well-versed in child support law, helping parents amend or file paperwork so their children are financially cared for.

In rare situations, courts may deviate from their formula to establish child support that’s fair for all parties. Generally, both custodial and noncustodial parents will have their income imputed to determine health care and monetary support obligations based on household obligations and other debts, including support paid to other children.

Filing Child Support? I’ll Help.

To begin filing child support paperwork, you should hire competent counsel to help you with issues that may arise, including establishing paternity through genetic testing and tips on locating income the noncustodial parent may be hiding. I’ve been a Draper child support attorney for a great number of years, and find that many custodial parents get confused with so many different offices involved with children.

Some parents who are going through divorce may reach an agreement in terms of how much support each parent should pay. I can help enter agreements into the court record, and clear ambiguity in language written in the contract so all agencies understand amounts to be paid, including medical.

The ORS, or Office of Recovery Services, also works closely with my office to help locate noncustodial parents. They will often establish child support obligations after paternity is established, and may use enforcement tools if a child for obligations is not met. Some of the tools of enforcement include suspending driver’s and professional licenses, taking away passport privileges, placing liens on cars or property, and even impose jail time when all remedies have been exhausted.

You Don’t Have to Support Alone

Child support obligations are given to both parents, although court law generally puts more burden on noncustodial parents to uphold their end of the agreement. No parent should have to support their child alone, although many in Utah are forced to work two jobs or go without because they cannot locate the noncustodial parent, or the noncustodial parent is simply defiant.

My office has helped numerous parents on both sides. Custodial parents who need help filing orders have found my services both affordable and beneficial in long run. Noncustodial parents have hired me because they felt courts didn’t accurately calculate their income, or a significant change in job has made their current order too high.

Every child deserves to be cared for. It’s my job as a Draper child support attorney to work closely with parents who need additional support, would like to file paperwork to establish orders, or find it necessary to lower their current obligation due to financial constraints. If it has to do child support, I’m the attorney you want on your side.

If you have a child support order or need file one, contact Emy A. Cordano today.

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