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Alimony Lawyer Draper

Many men and women maintain ungratifying marriages simply because financial constraints prevent them from making it on their own. One spouse may comfortably earn six figures, while the other struggles maintaining gainful employment. Out of fear they won’t survive, people interested in leaving their divorce will often stay simply because they cannot afford life without their spouse’s income.

Fortunately, I’m a Draper alimony attorney dedicated to helping divorcees file for alimony benefits of the state of Utah. The longer do men or women need to feel economically inadequate, because you can receive monthly payments based off your husband’s of wife’s income, assets and whether you have children or not.

Alimony Benefits in Utah test

shortly after courts disburse marital property, an order will be entered for alimony payments. Judges traditionally wait until after the division of property and financial accounts, so an accurate alimony order can be entered based off what each person’s debt obligation will be. As an experienced Draper alimony attorney, Emy A. Cordano can help divorcees navigate the sea of paperwork required to determine an accurate alimony figure.

Several very important factors go into what you are alimony award could be. They include:

  • How divorce affects the standard of living of the spouse seeking alimony
  • The length of marriage
  • Child custody arrangements, along with expected amount of child support.
  • Other debt obligations of the responding party being asked to pay alimony
  • Earning capacity of both parties

Courts don’t necessarily have to use specific calculation methods when determining alimony payments. Most of the time, an equalization method or suitable. For example, if you earned around $900 a month, but spouse earns $3000 a month, courts may add together both incomes and divide the figure by two. From there, petitioner’s income may be subtracted from that total ($1950), leaving an alimony payment of $1050 month. This is just an example of how courts may calculate your alimony payment; other factors may be involved.

Once you’ve remarried, alimony payments cease when the respondent files to discontinue spousal support.However, regardless if you’re spouse remarries, alimony payments continue for a period equal to the length of marriage. So, if you were married 19 years, you would be entitled to 19 years of spousal support regardless if you’re ex-spouse remarried.

I’m An Alimony Attorney Utahans Trust

You’ve put in a significant amount of effort in your marriage, but unfortunately, it’s time to move on. If you’re fearing living on your own because you cannot afford to, I’m a Draper alimony attorney who helps women and men like you petition for monthly support you’re rightfully owed.

For many years, Emy A. Cordano has helped countless individuals secure alimony payments they’re entitled to. I’ll take you petition and file it with courts, attend any and all hearings with you, and make sure the final amount is accurate.

If you’re contemplating divorce, but simply cannot afford the financial strain living without your spouse’s income may cause, contact my office to retain a Draper alimony attorney who cares.