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Adoption Lawyer Draper

One of the longest yet most fulfilling processes in family law involves the adoption of a child. Some parents feel they’re not financially or mentally capable of rearing a child; some may want to internationally adopt, while many stepparents acting as mothers or fathers when the biological parents become estranged are interested in making children legally their own.

I’m Emy A. Cordano, a prolific Draper adoption attorney who’s handled numerous adoptions for parents in and out of Utah. I know the many challenges parents face when a mountain of paperwork, important steps, and hearings begin weighing on their conscience. It’s my duty to assist men and women interested in adoption to streamline the process, allowing new fathers and mothers to celebrate a life-changing event much quicker.

Utah Adoptions Take Time, and Patience

Whether it’s an agency assisted adoption, or private domestic child adoptions, I understand are probably getting restless anticipating the final hearing. As adoptions are taken seriously, courts are generally in no hurry to expedite the process because so many steps must be taken to ensure the child is being placed in the right care, at the right time.

The three main types of adoptions you’ll find Emy A. Cordano, a family law advocate and Draper adoption attorney, handles are:

  • Stepparent: In order for stepparents to be recognized as children’s primary parent, biological parents must terminate the rights. Not all the time will this process be simple. Will petition the court together, offering compelling information as to why the biological parent has been absent, and how the stepparent has cared for the child over the course of several years or longer.
  • Agency: Numerous Utah adoption agencies trust Emy A. Cordano because my background in family law, and unwavering care for child’s best interests, make me a logical choice. I work closely with agencies to help people who may not be able to have children, or simply want another child without conception, to adopt.
  • Private: Mothers have approached me because I’m a Draper adoption attorney with experience handling private placement options. I can assist whether mothers have chosen a family, or need help vetting potential suitors.

We also work closely with guardian ad litem advocates when assigned by courts, which is essentially an advocate for the child.

I’m Experienced in Adoption Law

Utah adoption laws were written so children weren’t placed into the care of someone that would abuse their power, or who was deemed unfit to be a parent. Adoption is sacred; individuals who decide to bring another child into their home and essentially replaced the child’s biological parents are special because they give foster children, and those who are otherwise displaced, a new lease on life.

If you’re contemplating adoption, you don’t have to go through the process alone. I’ll utilize my many resources as your Draper adoption attorney to help nervous parties file paperwork correctly, and I’ll attend every hearing with you, including the last hearing which essentially enters your name on the child’s birth certificate.

Get started on your adoption by contacting my office today.

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