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Divorce Lawyer


Life brings a series of challenges. Perhaps few are more daunting than divorce. Countless people throughout West Valley City are faced with the heartbreaking decision to end their marriage. It can also be an emotional and confusing time in anyone’s life. When children and significant assets are involved, it is crucial to seek representation from a West Valley City divorce lawyer that can protect your interests.

My name is Emy A. Cordano and I am a family law attorney. West Valley City is the second largest city in Utah. Over the years, I have successfully represented men and women in divorce cases throughout the city. I take pride in providing comprehensive representation with an aggressive and compassionate approach. While many divorce attorneys concentrate strictly on providing legal counsel and advice, I can do so much more. My job is to not only protect the rights and interests of each client, but to also prepare them for life after divorce. My family law services include:

Most people who file for divorce do not properly understand their rights. My job as a West Valley City divorce attorney is to fight for the rights of my clients and to always look out for their best interests. Nobody should have to go through a divorce alone. From the time of your initial consultation, I will help guide each client through the entire divorce process. As a person who has gone through divorce, I understand the tremendous obstacles many clients face. Divorce can place a huge financial burden on each client. There will be issues concerning spousal and child support along with the division of property and assets. I will be in your corner every step of the way to make sure you receive the best possible settlement.

Going the Extra Mile for Clients

My objective is to use every necessary legal resource to help my clients achieve the best results. Unlike many West Valley City divorce attorneys, I offer private investigator services, mediation services and representation for military divorces along with a vast arsenal of legal resources. Although these services are typically for high-end clients, I represent men and women from just about every walk of life. Depending on what you can afford, I can provide the appropriate legal service to help place you in the best position to succeed.

A Proven Track Record for Success

The selection of a divorce attorney is an important decision. It can often make the difference between receiving the settlement you deserve or losing everything you have rightfully earned. When it comes to divorce, there are no winners. But there certainly is a lot to lose. The termination of a marriage is devastating for both parties– especially for the children. Divorce can be emotionally painful. But it does not have to define your life. Turn to the West Valley City divorce lawyer committed to help you get through this difficult time and regain control of your life. Contact Emy A. Cordano and schedule your initial consultation today.