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Divorce Lawyer


The emotional pain of a divorce can be overwhelming for everyone involved. But that is only the beginning. Divorce can also become very complicated. When the custody of your children along with your property and assets are on the line, it is crucial to have an experienced and knowledgeable family law attorney on your side. My name is Emy A. Cordano. For nearly two decades, I have successfully represented countless men and women as a divorce lawyer in St. George.

Aggressive, Experienced & Compassionate

Few legal matters are more emotional than divorce. As a person who has gone through a divorce, I understand the tremendous toll it can take on a person. But I have always taken pride in turning a negative situation into a positive. My divorce served as a personal inspiration to pursue a career as a family law attorney. My job is to not only help protect the interests of each client, but to also help them prepare for life after divorce. A divorce encompasses so many different factors that will have a permanent impact on your future. I utilize an aggressive and compassionate approach to ensure my clients achieve the best results. I am also one of the few female St. George divorce lawyers to run my law firm. When it comes to divorce, my staff and I provide the highest level of legal representation and counsel for the following:

  • Mediation
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Common Law Marriage
  • Spousal Support

A Proven Track Record of Protecting the Best Interest of Clients

One of the biggest mistakes many people make is choosing the wrong divorce lawyer. St. George is home many qualified legal professionals. However, not every attorney has the experience, legal tools or track record to protect the best interest of each client. It was a painful lesson I learned during my divorce. It is crucial to do your homework to select an attorney that is best equipped to handle your case. Unlike many St. George family attorneys, I provide a full arsenal of legal resources designed to place my clients in the best position to succeed. For high-end clients, my staff and I offer private investigator services, guardianship representation, prenuptial agreements, mediation and much more. It is part of my commitment to always go the extra mile for each person I represent.

Schedule a Consultation with a Divorce Lawyer in St. George

It is important to understand there are no winners in divorce–especially when children are involved. However, each party certainly has much to lose. A poorly handled divorce can cripple your financial future and cost a person much of their assets, property and custody rights to their kids. Divorce does not just end with a settlement. There will be important changes in your life and your former spouse that may require modifications. As your St. George divorce attorney, I will be in your corner during every stage of the legal process. Take the first important step to protecting your interests and your children’s future. Contact the offices of Emy A. Cordano Attorney at Law and schedule a consultation to explore your legal options.