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Salt Lake City
Contested Divorce Attorney

Contested Divorce Lawyer Salt Lake City

No two divorces are alike. In some cases, the level of conflict is so high that the two spouses cannot even be in the same building without a fight. In other cases, both parties have accepted the loss of their marriage and can work together to find practical solutions to the legal issues they face.

The term contested divorce can mean different things.

It can refer to something as simple as filing an answer to a divorce complaint or something as complex as full-blown divorce litigation that goes to trial. A contested divorce can include mediation (which is a mandatory step in the divorce process in Utah, temporary orders, or any issue about which there is a disagreement, such as:

Divorce can sometimes get messy. In many cases, the client may have an adversarial relationship with their spouse. This can make divorce proceedings extremely stressful. As your Salt Lake City contested divorce attorney, my job is to help each client navigate smoothly through the legal process. I utilize an aggressive and comprehensive approach to ensure the interests of each client are protected and to help them go on with their lives after divorce.

Protecting you and your children

I am Salt Lake City contested divorce attorney, Emy Cordano. I believe each divorce needs to be handled as a unique matter. I recognize the pain that divorce brings. One thing I bring to every divorce case is a full commitment to protecting my clients and their children.

As your lawyer, I will make sure your legal rights are honored. I will make sure you have the tools you need to get your life back on track after a divorce. Whether you “agree to disagree” with your spouse or you feel you need to fight aggressively in court to reach an acceptable outcome, I can help you reach your goals.

Children are often the biggest victims of divorce. Many times, they get caught in the middle of the ugliness of a divorce battle. I am not only committed to protecting the rights of my clients, but also the best interest of the children. Count on a family lawyer with a track record of nearly two decades of helping clients by utilizing an aggressive and compassionate approach.

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Looking for a contested Salt Lake City contested divorce lawyer? Your choice for an attorney is important. Select an experienced attorney with a significant track record for protecting the rights of each client. Contact me online for a personalized consultation.

My office is based in Salt Lake City with a branch office in Park City. I represent high-end clients from communities throughout Utah and nationally.

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