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Child Custody Lawyer


Any divorce with children can be personally overwhelming. Complex disputes over care of children also arise outside of marriage for many people. It is essential to work with a Salt Lake City child custody lawyer who will listen to your perspective and take the time to understand your family dynamics.

At Emy A. Cordano, Attorney at Law, your concerns involving your children will receive the personal attention they deserve. Every step of the way from strategy development through the resolution of your case, you will work directly with me, experienced Salt Lake City child custody attorney Emy Cordano. Together, we will take action to achieve your goals.

Interstate Custody – Strong Advocacy for Your Parental Rights

I have a significant amount of experience handling interstate custody cases. These interstate custody matters are complex and you need a strong advocate for your parental rights. In all custody matters, Utah courts prioritize the best interests of the children. However, parents often have dramatically different views of what that means. Methods for resolving these disputes include negotiation, child custody mediation and litigation. I will help you set realistic objectives and target the best possible outcome such as:

  • Sole physical custody for the parent best equipped to provide a stable, healthy environment – often accompanied by a detailed visitation schedule designed to keep the noncustodial parent closely connected and involved
  • A modification of a prior custody order if circumstances have changed significantly
  • A joint or shared custody arrangement if parents demonstrate the high levels of communication and cooperation essential to making this work
  • Resolution of a paternity claim to assert your right to child support as a single mother – or to visitation as a father who wants an active role in your biological child’s life

Turn to a Versatile Salt Lake City Custody Dispute Lawyer

Across many years of focused advocacy for fathers and mothers in Salt Lake City, I have handled many complex cases involving allegations of domestic violence and abuse. I can help you seek a protective order or petition for guardianship of children who are not receiving proper care. I have fought successfully for my clients’ parental rights when the Division of Child and Family Services (DCFS) has already taken action.

If you believe custody may be disputed in your divorce or have any other legal concerns involving your children, please contact me now for the information and advice you need to make the soundest possible decisions.