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Legal Separation Lawyer

Marriage is something people in Utah take seriously. Not only is Utah the happiest state, but it is also the state with the lowest divorce rate. The two things may be linked together, but that doesn’t mean that people don’t face challenges with their marriage. It doesn’t mean that those who are struggling to make…

No one wants a breakup. No one plans for a break up either unless you are the one initiating the breakup. Sometimes breakups are wanted by both sides, and sometimes the couple just wants to test the water by taking a break, but not a full, clean break. If you and your partner are considering…

In Salt Lake City and the rest of Utah legal separation is referred to as separate maintenance. It is when a court will determine monetary support and child custody while dividing marital property. Separations are for couples who hope for a reconciliation someday and do not want to finalize things with the prospect of divorce….

Some people may feel their marriage has come to an end but they still wish to keep their married status as it provides them with multiple benefits. A legal separation deals with issues such as child support, parenting, and spousal support while the couple remains legally married. It’s an agreement that can benefit everyone while…

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