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Suppose you have been divorced or separated from your spouse or partner for a few months or years. An opportunity arises that requires you to relocate. It may be a job opportunity, getting remarried, or maybe it was a move you have worked your whole life to make. If you have a child/ren but cannot…

Flat-fee legal services are popping up a lot in Utah recently. For those seeking counsel hiring a lawyer for a flat fee may seem very attractive. In family law, it is always better to have a lawyer represent you in a divorce or custody case, especially when there is alimony or child custody at stake….

Going through a divorce is not easy. Not only is the divorce process incredibly emotional for all parties involved, but there are significant complexities involved that many people are not aware of. Many of these difficulties arise from the sheer amount of information that is needed especially if you are asking for or fighting against…

Going through a divorce is incredibly difficult, and most people just want it to be over with. However, there are also divorce decree issues that you may have to deal with in the aftermath of a divorce. If one spouse does not follow the divorce decree, you need to know what to do moving forward….

If you have been through a divorce and are paying spousal support, commonly known as alimony, you might not be happy to find out that your ex is living with someone else and still taking your money. This is not an easy topic to discuss, but our Salt Lake City alimony attorney wants you to…

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