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Asset Property Division

Divorce is emotionally painful and financially complex. Whether you have been married a few years or well over a decade, you stand to lose custody of your children, home, assets, and financial security. It is important that you secure the counsel of a financially savvy family lawyer who is committed to putting your best interests…

Division of property is a complicated matter, especially if you are getting divorced in Utah, where there is a legal doctrine known as “equitable distribution” that applies when two spouses are trying to divide property in a divorce. Just how complicated property division is in Utah is evident from the number of calls and emails…

In previous decades, the family home was usually the largest asset to be considered for property division in divorce. But with the rise in divorce among baby boomers, retirement accounts with significant assets can even exceed the value of the home. This makes dividing pension plans and retirement accounts all the more important. In Utah,…

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