Holidays are a time when family gets together in Utah to celebrate not only the events behind the day, but the meaning behind it as well. They are a time to celebrate the relationships that we have with the ones we love.

As important as holidays are, they occur only once a year and are limited in number. This is why holidays are often an important topic in discussions over child custody arrangements. Both parents often want the kids for every holiday, so splitting them up isn’t always easy. With Independence day just behind us, parents who are spent their first holiday alone may feel a twinge of sadness or unease about this year and upcoming holidays like Thanksgiving.

A parent may not be able to change the custody order this year, but there are some things that they can do to have their wonderful holiday anyway.

The first is to remember that what makes a holiday special isn’t its date on the calendar. Independence Day is the 4th of July but to many it is about giving thanks for the freedom that is in our lives. It is about the blessing of family and friends. If you really think about it, this can happen on any day.

This may not be the norm for every family and may require some flexibility, but divorce already requires a little adaptation doesn’t it?

For one dating coach and author, there are three more rules that can help those that may share the kids over the holidays. Rule one is to put your children first. As for rules two and three, just repeat number one.

For control over a custody arrangement that has not been decided yet or one that requires a little modification, a family law attorney can provide the best advice. More importantly, they can advocate for you with knowledge and extensive experience in helping parents in these types of cases.

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