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Do Fathers Receive Fair Treatment In Child Custody Cases?
In Child Custody Case, If your parental rights are being infringed or denied by your former spouse, it is time to seek representation from a that can help.
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On behalf of Emy A. Cordano, posted in Child Custody on Friday, January 13, 2017.

Child Custody Cases: There are few bonds more precious than a parent and their child. In many instances, fathers take a very active role in their child’s development. But in far too many cases, the rights of fathers are constantly under attack. For example, Utah’s adoption laws call for the consent of one parent. In the vast majority of those cases, fathers often find themselves in a powerless situation. The bias against fathers in Utah involving adoption is extremely blatant. State laws allow mothers to place their child up for adoption without consent of the father. In fact, the father does not have signed the papers. The state’s adoption law bias is so notorious, many mothers from other states travel to Utah just place their child for adoption.

The Rising Trend of Custodial Interference in Salt Lake City

Divorce can often get messy. Child custody is one of the most complex issues in Utah family law. In addition to complying with legal obligations, fathers must also wrestle with emotional issues when it comes to the custody of their children. There are many questions that need to be answered. Who has access to the children when they are with the other parent? How much time will the child get to spend with each parent? The sad truth is many parents do not properly follow the child custody arrangements made by the court. The amount of custodial interference cases in has skyrocketed in recent years. In far too many cases, the rights of fathers are being ignored.  Here is how father’s can protect themselves.

  • Present the divorce decree signed by the judge to prove your legal parental obligations
  • Never file a petition with family court based on revenge or vengeance.
  • Make sure to document important evidence, including emails, phone conversations and text messages between you and your former spouse.

A recent study conducted by a respect law firm indicates, there is a clear bias against father–particularly in cases involving custodial interference.

  • 64% of custodial interference cases against mothers are thrown out by courts
  • Custodial interference cases have tripled in the last decade.
  • The average time between filing for custodial interference cases is 232 days.

Why You Need a Salt Lake City Divorce Attorney

If your parental rights are being infringed or denied by your former spouse, it is time to seek representation from a Salt Lake City divorce attorney that can help. Emy A. Cordano brings a track record of nearly two decades of representing fathers in some of the most complex cases involving family law. She utilizes an aggressive and comprehensive approach and takes pride in always looking after the best interest of each client. To learn more, contact her law office today to schedule a consultation.