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If a Utah court ordered supervised visitation, you may be wondering what to expect from having to communicate and interact with your child under the supervision of another person. Luckily, our Salt Lake City child visitation attorney Emy A. Cordano was around to answer that question and help you get a better understanding of how…

Socially, when a child is born, the mother is the mother and the biological father is the father. It is really easy. Legally, it gets complicated. When a child is born the mother gets all the rights to the child if she is unwed. If she is unwed then the biological father does not get…

In healthy families, grandparents play a pivotal role in their grandchildren’s upbringing. In some cases, grandparents love the grandchildren more than their own parents or are more fit to care for and look after the kids than their parents. But in many cases, parents bar their own parents (and the children’s grandparents) from seeing the…

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